• 01 Our God is awe-SOME

    Sometimes … its important to remember that God isnt human. Even though we’re made in His image (more about that later), we’re similar to Him. We are like Him but He is […]

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  • Purpose Pleasure Pain – Be God’s Dream Workbook 1

    Having just gone through the an introduction on finding your purpose, we’ve compiled this workbook to help you on your journey   You can open it and fill in notes […]

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  • Courtship Conversations

    So…its not just about catching feelings. Courtship is serious. Its important to adult. And adulting means you’ve gotta have those cool, deep and sometimes tough but life changing conversations. This […]

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  • 5 love languages – what is your love language

    So everyone wants to be in healthy relationships. Romantic, family, friendships etc. As Christians we also believe that everyone has desires, dreams and weaknesses because nobody’s perfect. So then…the ultimate […]

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  • Fasting: why and how

    Ok before we get into the how lets ask what fasting means and we why do it right?! Or at least why we should… Since the beginning of our church, […]

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  • Sin: Self our evil nemesis

    The human race has a cancer. Not in their bodies but in their genes. This cancer. This genetic defect is called sin. The gospel is God’s solution to the sin […]

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  • Respected UFOlogist Skepticism About Roswell Crash

    More and more researchers, looking critically at the evidence are concluding it was very unlikely that a real UFO crashed at Roswell in the 1940s. Its amazing that the turn […]

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  • Jesus the Christ: Man or Myth

    This section just contains really awesome quotes and real life accounts of Jesus Christ in actual real-life in your face history.   Before we start though its important to note […]

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About the ActivatedJesus Team

activatedjesus400x100The ActivatedJesus team is a team of dedicated volunteers who contribute to the content in the bookzines/magazines as well as do public speaking and talks all over the continent.

Our main objective is not only to spread the Word of God, but to equip and train people, especially youth, in sharing their faith and helping others in their communities. We also teach how to engage in grounded logical reasoning the defence of the Christian faith.

A lot of our content has been scientifically and historically compiled. It even includes sources from secular non-Christian research. We then compile and produce Bible studies and presentations on real life practical topics that can be easily shared and taught.

The Revival or Riot Gospel

Spiritual Power

Elijah…The (real) Flash

Alotta times I believe we escape into fantasy and science fiction for all kinds of reasons. Some people enjoy these genres more than documentaries or biographies because they give us the chance to escape the boredom or hard times in our lives. We leave. We go away. For free and for as long as we want as many times we […]

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