After over 10 years of working in youth ministry and with young people from different backgrounds, cultures and even different religions, one thing is apparent: young people need relevant and engaging spiritual content. Particularly because young people more and more are being spoken to, written to and shown through TV and movies, how to live contrary to traditional Christian values and principles. At the collegiate and high school level, there is not much content out there, based on Christian values, that can compete with the wonder, excitement and attractiveness of secular media. There is not a lot of content for this age group that can give young people the same sense of wonder and awe at the majesty of God and the universe around us, if not better. Even more importantly, there is not a lot of content that can speak to youth on their level, to help them dive deep into today’s issues in their lives and help them not only survive but thrive. They need content that focuses on equipping them to actively make decisions based on Christian principles and beliefs; that they can identify with and make it their own, applying it in their lives and sharing it with their friends.


‘ActivatedJesus’ is written to achieve just that. A widely distributed bookzine; through a variety of traditional Christian and secular channels; that has engaging, relevant and practical Christian content. The young people will be able to enjoy, understand and rave about to their friends and in their communities, wherever they are. This bookzine is a guide that translates the deep lessons of the Bible into a language and approach that makes sense to youth and that makes it easy for them to share it with someone else. Evangelism is about sharing what you are touched by, mind-blown about and bursting with.


The Title of the Bookzine: ActivatedJesus

A devotional workbook, in the form of a magazine, for teaching the gospel to secular Christians and non-Christian youth.


The idea behind the title is that once a young person knows who Christ is and what He has done for them on the Cross; His power becomes activated in them in every sphere of their lives. The idea behind the high school version is aspirational, teaching teenagers that they can join the ranks of royalty, and of the divine, by believing in Christ and being something new, something more, than they ever dreamed they could be.


You can use any ActivatedJesus course in all kinds of settings passionately and effectively: As a bible study for an individual, as a small group with a discussion leader, or as a large group with a presenter. This study is an intense experience, group leaders may want to only use these materials on a weekly or once-a-month basis to allow
people time to assimilate/digest and to apply the truths contained in it.

Some additional suggestions for use of this curriculum include:
Vacation Bible Camps
Missions training
Retreat weekends
Weekly prayer/bible study groups (…yes even older folk could use it)

It may look and feel youthful. BUT. HOWEVER. NEVERTHELESS. This course isn’t for the casual Christian who wants to stay casual. It’s for all of us who know we are casual but want to be show-stoppers! On fire! Different. Peculiar. Hard core. Radical. Committed. Crazy. Converted. Fools for Christ!

Shalom from the ActivatedJesus team

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