Secret Saucers and Hitlers UFOs

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I’ve compiled a list below of resources relating to the weirdest and strangest yet humanest craft you’ve ever seen. Just to give you another perspective on the conspiracy theories out there and so-called alien crash sites like Roswell. My stance? They’re all explainable either other-worldly or this-worldly but not alien-worldly at all.


Check out the links. Pictures and schematics an all!


1) Nazi Stealth craft and Hitler’s UFOs

With the outbreak of World War II in 1939, on both sides of the Atlantic, governments were more than willing to gamble funds and manpower in a search for the right combination of weapons and aircraft that could mean the difference between victory and defeat in the air war ahead. In the United States, only Jack Northrop worked vigorously to build a flying wing, but it was not until a year after the war that the first of his giant aircraft made its maiden flight. In Germany, despite the exigencies of war, the Hortens continued to create a series of imaginative flying wing designs that culminated in the world’s first turbojet-powered flying wing. Read more here


2) Hitler’s Saucers and Secret Files

When it comes to the UFO topic, there can surely be few more emotive issues than that relative to so-called “Nazi Flying Saucers.” So, the story goes, in the latter stages of the Second World War, Hitler’s hordes began working on radical, circular-shaped aircraft designs, but failed to capitalize on them to any meaningful degree as a result of the Allies fortunately gaining the upper hand, and ultimately, achieving victory. Read more here


3) Tesla’s Toys

Here are two websites that show he invented the flying saucer first and the Nazi’s copied and innovated on his designs decades later.

Confiscated patents

Electromagnetic Field Lift Experiments

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