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We trawl the net and Youtube and create Channels from a variety of artists, orgranizations and ministers from around the world. So far we’ve the following channels Channels:



CarbonNYC_NEW_ExclamationWas Jesus real or a myth. Back in the day this was never an issue. Today you have so many so called skeptics saying all kinds of untrue and unresearched things about the existence of Jesus as a real person in history. Find our more – about Jesus and the resurrection from non-biblical sources.





CarbonNYC_NEW_ExclamationMy recent talks on Aliens and the UFO connection relating to Creation vs Evolution themes have led me to some really cool organizations and videos. See this playlist below. Read up! Do your homework! Feel free to comment on any of the videos and lets talk!




CarbonNYC_NEW_ExclamationVideos around ancient African civilizations achievements, and exciting archeological finds. If there was proof of some of the most marvellous achievements being seen around the African continent then wouldn’t that instead speak to identity and equality? But for now check out these videos on some beautiful civilizations and cultures just to give you an insight that might change your world view J Enjoy!



Then we’ve got the usual powerful videos below. Gospel Spoken Word and Poetry and Sweet sermons on the love and salvation of God


1) Spoken Word:

2) Gospel Sermons:


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