Aliens, UFOs and Alien Abductions

The UFOs and aliens issue is a smaller piece of the big pie of the evolution issue. It’s a chunk. A chapter in a book so to speak about the evolution vs creation debate. Whether you’re dealing with issues like eugenics, abortion, euthanasia, animal rights etc its all part of a bigger topic or theme. Is life created by God or no?. If created or even designed, it would mean life has an Originator who is ultimately in charge. So its not strange to be talking about aliens, since we’re trying to deal with issues of deception and truth then it fits right in perfectly.


Now lemme speak to the Christians for a second.

  • Evolution is the idea that we and life in general evolved over time.
  • Possibly this has happened in other places in the universe – so there could be aliens
  • There is a phenomenon about aliens and alien abductions happening as we speak – so something’s going on and since Christians should be first and foremost truthseekers we need to know what
  • People’s lives are being affected children and adults alike, and caring for the welfare of our fellow human beings is central to what we believe so we should care if people are being assaulted, kidnapped against their will, experimented upon and abducted sometimes never to be seen again or returned with serious psychological trauma.


Cool, so…now we know why we’re talking abour Creationism and alien abductions. We all good? (And AJ staff are predominantly scifi fans anyway J )


Meditational point: Why is it Christians are seen as not being fans of science or supporting science when most science we use today was pioneered by Christians? Shouldn’t it be our obligation to dispel the idea that Christians don’t “like” science? Saying stuff like that has made it twice as hard for non-Christians to accept Creationism as even a possibility since the perception is Christians don’t think.


So how do we explain the alien abducations? Like any good argument, thesis or discussion you need to begin with a stance. As AJ we believe alien abducations is a demonic phenomenon. We don’t believe all “abductees” are crazy folk, mental hospital escapees, drug addicts or hypnotherapy victims. There are genuiene cases of abductions out there happening that we believe are real. Animals are being mutilated, experimented on and left out publically on display like some kind of freak show. People are disappearing, temporarily or sometimes permanently. People are being hurt and messed with and messed up. Its likely as well that at least some people are well aware of this as the truth about the situation, and like at any time in human history, its likely that that people of influence know about it and are complicit. Or if I KISS that statement: bottom line, people know what the deal is and its benefitting them somehow to keep this alien abduction phenomenon going.


Check out some cool videos around this topic. Oh and share them as well! They’re life changing!

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