Divinely Designed: Creation vs Evolution

coverThis version of ActivatedJesus is written like a discussion or a debate. In this series we wanna tackle the idea of being divinely created by God, meaning Christ, verses being from the universe and us being the product of evolution.


Even though the content in this series is Pro-Christian it’s important to say from the outset that we’re aiming for a frank honest discussion from both a spiritual and scientific perspective about the various theories of evolution and whether or not they have a place in the worldview or mind-set of a Bible-believing (not thumping) Christian J or anyone for that matter. We’re also really gonna chase down some juicy scientific theories that get packaged along with various theories of evolution and try explain some of those. Shed some light on some, and demystify others and debunk some others too. We’ll do it Myth-Busters-on-steroids style!

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