Ancient Advanced African Civilizations


Course objectives


  • This course is for anyone interested in finding solutions to the growing identity crisis amongst African youth and African peoples in general
  • This is also for any interested in how pervasive the crisis is and how it affects the spiritual and religious life of Africans today
  • It also addresses issues relating to xenophobia by demonstrating how we are related to each other rather than different
  • It tackle and provides evidence against commonly held misconceptions, based on evolution, that African people are less evolved or backward or primitive in Ancient times and today

We’re going to  look at  a few ancient African civilizations that aren’t just Egyptian but from all over the continent. The idea behind it is to liberate the minds of you the reader around the issue of ‘evolved’ people and ‘unevolved’ people in terms of African cultures as well.

Subjects for this course – 11 modules

1.Ancient African Languages

2.Architecture, building and engineering

3.Literacy and Education

4.Culture and Art



7.Religion in Africa – Christianity & Islam

8.Powerful Ancient African Empresses and Queens

9.Powerful Ancient African Emperors and Kings

10.Ancient African Diaspora and the Moor’s Impact on Medieval and Modern Human History

11.Modern Black and African Inventors

















Course Modules

Ancient African Languages – verbal and written langauges – dispelling the myth of Ancient African illiteracy

Architecture, building and engineering – African Grand building projects spanning generations and kings

Literacy and Education – how seriously did Ancient African empires and kingdoms take education

Culture and Art – how African Art and culture rivalled that of any other culture world wide in both creativity, design and quality

Government – does modern politics work for Africa, what did we have back in the day

Economy – money, organization, trade and regional reach of African industries and economies of Ancient empires

Religion in African – Christianity & Islam (East Africa) a focused look at religion in some of the oldest empires on the continent especially in the context of indigenous Christianity and Islam

Powerful Ancient African Empresses and Queens – Some African queens have left a permanent and powerful mark on world history. A look into a few who have changed the course of history

Powerful Ancient African Emperors and Kings – Ruling Kingdoms and Empires that spanned countries, a look behind the scenes at what some of these ancient men of influence and power were like.

Ancient African Diaspora and the Moor’s Impact on Medieval and Modern Human History
– Who were the Moors, and how have they contributed to history and influenced modern society till today?

Modern Black and African Inventors – Africans and people of African descent have contributed many things to our modern society but go unnoticed. Uncovering their contribution to today’s quality of life



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Advanced Architecture Engineering and Building

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Ancient African Literacy Science and Education

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Ancient African Culture and Art

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Ancient African Government and Political Systems

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