Noah’s Flood – Fact or Myth







Now after lots of scientific research, both by creationist geologists and evolutionist geologists it might surprise you that the idea of catastrophes shaping our world as we know is actually more and more becoming popular.  Through the research done by scientists like of those such as J. Harlen Bretz on the Missoula Flood (also known as the Spokane or Bretz Floods) and on top of that lots of scientists agreeing that there was some kind of ancient asteroid impact on the earth, more and more evolutionist geologist researchers are recognizing that more features of the rock record are best explained by some kind of catastrophe in our ancient past. Its exciting because its allowing for more chances and debates and dialogues to happen between Flood geologists and secular geologists.


There’s also the issue of the idea that the Flood account in the Bible is a copycat of other flood accounts such as the Gilgamesh epic. Lets have a look at that and compare as well and see who borrowed from whom?


Check out these videos below…


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