New Life Series

This is a collection of new life bible studies of practical every day living full of the life of Christ in you.


Rules of Engagement

If you’ve interacted with any ActivatedJesus content before you’ll recognize the below but even if not we’ll give you some tips again. Below are things you should look out for.

Meditational Questions: Questions to think about that this series will eventually answer by the end even if not directly

Brain Teasers: These are questions you can use during the discussion breaks at the end of each section during the course or in your small groups.

Mind blowing facts: These are random but related facts that will get you to see God and or life in a new way

WOW Moments: These are KEY thoughts and things we want you to keep thinking about during a section and the rest of the course. They have – life changing potential.

Prayer points: These are probably gonna just pop up at random places through out the mag but especially next to brain teasers and meditational questions.


Revival or Riot

Lets take a really deep dive into the love of God. Drown deep and only come up for air when ...
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