Revival or Riot Gospel

revival or riot coverThis bookzine is a gospel course written for young people by young people. Devotional workbooks and tools created as magazines great for bible study or introducing people to Christ

It presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Messiah in a refreshed, revamped, Holy-Spirit-we-need-you way.

The language is easy. The tone is laid back, but the content is super serious. This isn’t a lecture; we want you to be at peace, nice and easy, open hearted and ready to receive.

But at the same time, a lotta this stuff just might be presented to you in a new way. Sometimes disturbing (we hope so). Sometimes hard to believe (we pray so). And for most part, we hope, life-changing (we believe so!). So… you’re gonna need to courage – hey it’s gonna be outta your comfort zone we know it’s gonna be hard. You’re gonna need prayer (you’re gonna need help).


An Outline of Contents – ActivatedJesus Volume 1: Revival or Riot Gospel


Section 1: Sin…oh oh, here we go

[This is chapter which focuses on the nature of sin, with practical examples of both meaning and real-life self-awareness checks that help youth get to grips with the Biblical understanding of human nature and the problems sin presents to young people ]

Section 2: What’s Love God to do with it?

[This is chapter discusses the difference between God’s agape love and our human love…and why human love is the biggest stumbling block for spiritual growth ]

Section 3: The Gospel….Origins

[This is chapter is a flashback to the origins of the word gospel, to give young people a context of what the word originally means and what it should mean to them today ]

Section 4: Jesus Christ: The Switch!

[This is chapter focuses on the debate around the Incarnation and the reason why Christ had to come as a human being]

Section 5: Apparently God is racist?!! No…really, it’s no joke

[This is chapter takes a controversial look at how what “family” you belong to is your ticket to eternal life]

Section 6: The Two Adams:  “And I repeat…”

[This is chapter the nature of Adam to the nature of Christ…and what our nature should be ]

Section 7: The battle between Good and Evil at the Cross – the saga continues

[ A deep look at the Cross from humanity vs satan’s perspective ]

Section 8: The Cross  = At-One-Ment with God – Christ the Servant King

[This is chapter answers the question of why a sacrifice was needed and why only Christ could satisfy it ]

Section 9: The cross…. “but I’m only human”…you sure?!

[This is chapter which focuses on the nature what happens to us when we accept Christ into our hearts ]

Section 10: Righteousness by faith: now walk the talk

[This is chapter discusses where the power to walk the Christian walk comes from ]

Section 11: The “kayshuns” again – justification and sanctification

[ Is God fair and is God safe, and what is my life about ]

Section 12: Salvation…is your experience mostly joy?

[The apostles always spoke about grace and peace. What fuels our Christian experience? ]

Section 13: The Cross and Me: Make it Practical for Me!

[This is chapter which focuses how we interact with God, what’s our position in the eyes of God, when we approach Him and interact with Him everyday ]

Section 14: Bring on the Holy Spirit : Make it Happen!

[We need the Holy Spirit…but young people need to know why and how this whole power thing works ]

Section 15: LAW and Grace: No “the law” isn’t a swear word in Greek, or Hebrew

[What does the Bible say about the Law now that we’re the generations after the Cross? What do young people need to know about what role the Law plays in their lives]

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