Islam and Christian Apologetics

When it comes to the topic of Christianity vs Islam many people would agree that there are similarities.

Crazy thing is though is Islam and Christianity teach and think galaxies apart.

Islam is law-oriented, not theology-oriented, and Muslim society is ideological in the way people think live and exist.

Muslim ideology is important to the Church, evangelism, as well as for the world in which we live, and we need a complete and life-changing Christian response. Unfortunately, Christians have failed to respond in any adequate way to the issues raised by Muslim ideology.

There are lots of reasons why. For one, you need a fairly good grasp of Islamic history, which many Christians lack or should I say lack the will to put in the effort.
Also maybe the most important factor, however, is our tendency to focus almost exclusively on the spiritual side of the biblical message. This has become such a part of our Western cultural framework that it is now one of our unspoken, and often unrecognized, cultural assumptions.

As Christians encounter Islamic apologetics the topic quickly turns to ultimate sources of authority. Who is right and who is wrong. Then it turns to he said she said.

Muslims are taught that the Bible cant be trusted, and many believe that its been altered. But in reality its the Qur’an that suffers in comparison with the Bible on the issue of textual study and purity.

Christians believe that the more the Bible’s history is studied, the more trustworthy or provable its text becomes. Christians encourage textual study and discovery of new manuscripts, while Muslims dont really care to do the same especially when comes to researching the history of their own scriptures, preferring the traditional belief that the Qur’an is perfect in its current state.

Alot of times Christians get stumped when there are attacks on the text of the Bible because they dont understand how it was transmitted.

Lastly, with the growing influence of Islam in the world its no longer possible for any Christian to ignore the claims of Islam. Its no longer a good idea or even good stewardship to stay ignorant of the Qur’an and the basic tenets of the Islamic faith. We need to be globally effective in the proclamation of the Gospel. We confident knowledge on how God’s word has come to us and an understanding of why it can be trusted.

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