Kings and Queens

This series takes a hard look at dating courtship and marriage, as well as issues of roles and identity of men and women in relationships from a Biblical perspective 🙂


Its gonna be tough some times and its gonna be exciting sometimes. But most of all its gonna be liberating because even in romance and in marriage it is Christ who is:

  • The Way to real long lasting romance
  • The Truth about real fulfilling intimacy
  • The Life of your relationships that will not only sustain but sizzle

Its just Jesus everywhere … and in this world of skepticism and brokenness, He is the only real hope you have of experiencing true joy and happiness in your relationships.

Give Him a chance!

Courtship Conversations

So...its not just about catching feelings. Courtship is serious. Its important to adult. And adulting means you've gotta have those ...
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5 love languages – what is your love language

So everyone wants to be in healthy relationships. Romantic, family, friendships etc. As Christians we also believe that everyone has ...
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