God in the machine: Deux et Machina

I just wanna praise God. Most of you know I run an IT company. We got hacked over the last week by some eastern european dudes (russian, czech, poland the trail keeps jumping around) and this is not a movie. Then on top of that one our clients was unhappy about some of our software. Took me almost 3 days of non-stop nonsleeping to fix stuff. Still not done. But God came through for me big time last nite. Had a break through. Was also inspired by a friend of mine, Virigilio, yesterday on this issue.

For IT people, your work can seem so removed from God, so mechanical. I wanna testify this morning that God care even about us in every aspect of our lives. That’s why David could write
Jehovah Nissi – the Lord is my banner, my flag, my standard , He sticks up for me, He vouches for me, He stands in the gap for me, He fights for me, He is my champion, my warrior (this one vindicates the sinner under grace, that no matter what happens in his life, its God’s job (can you believe it!) to mediate and alleviate the circumstances. Regardless of your part. That’s why we don’t get what we deserve, instead we get what Jesus deserves. Our life is His, and His ours. So God treats you like Jesus when it comes to rewarding you or dealing with you when you make mistakes. Since Jesus not only doesn’t but CANT make mistakes, its more than a clean record, its a record which deserves honour, recognition, reward!

Jehovah Rohi – the lord is my shepherd, my caregiver, my nurturer, my protector, my safety, my guardian, my watchman, my daddy, I depend on Him like I did my father when I was a kid. I jump into His lap when He comes through the door, we read the newspaper together, He bathes me, He walks me to the school bus (I used to love that so much cause dad didn’t have time much when I was really small cause he worked nights and studied during the day). Mom used to cover me up at night before I slept. But when I had nite terrors and I went to their room it was dad that I asked if I could sleep with them. It was my dad who said yes every time (imagine that, and yet you wanna know whats beautiful, my dad is a typical African male… Authoritative nto authoritarian See typical is a potential for beautiful. Its always what you do with a word not the word itself that’s heavy or packed with connotations. I hope I’m a typical dad) A shepherd nurtures and takes care of His sheep. See Jehovah Rohi is possessive. Its not just some objective God. Its up close and personal.  Its sweet, its soft, its gentle, its protective, its its huggable, its nestle up close, its loving, its lovingkindness, its when a lion comes and He saves you from the lions mouth then, the cleans and patches you up afterwards.

Jehovah Shamah – I’m never alone. Shamah, He is always with me.

I was so touched by everything that’s happened past few days that I’ve decided to write another series of devotionals that have an IT spin to them.

(I have one series called Faith Out Loud that I use in youth camps).

This new set is centred around the Laws of computer science in the IT industry. A simple example of a computer science law isInheritance.

Parent-child relationship. In simple terms, a parent application has characteristics, looks and functions a certain way. E.g. Microsoft Office.
A child inherts first its basic or beginning or fundamental characteristics from its parent first, then it either ADDS or SUBTRACTS from those to form a unique application. E.g. Windows WordPad is a child of Office. When you don’t have office you can do a lot in wordpad but its simplified. But they’ve got buttons and features that look the same. Notepad is an even simpler version. So I was sitting their with Virgilio and it dawned on me that all this functionality and appearance depends on the source code.

We call ourselves children of God right? So God’s fundamental, beginning, basic characteristics should be in our source code! Godliness is in our DNA. We sinned, and we lost the ability to access that code, that functionality like goodness, kindness, mercy patience long suffer. “Against such there is no law” in other words, its not impossible for us to ACTIVATE Godliness. Through grace in fact, Ephesians 1:3Ephesians 1:3
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, we have all of Jesus’ characteristics available to us.

I was floored! I was like WOW! I was like thank you Jesus on top of everything He does for you, He drops a sermonette into your head. It was definitely inspired.

See we’re all like notepad trying to become Microsoft Word. And its all possible cause its in the source code.

I’m trying to decide what to call it. So far I’ve got

Jesus Source Code    || Jesus in the Source Code
Jehovah Source Code  || Jehovah in the Source Code
Yeshua Source Code  || Yeshua in the Source Code

Jesus I.T.    || Jesus PC

I’m also planning to do something on the Matrix trilogy. Pulling out concepts from the movies as devotionals. Like Choice, Understanding, why we keep getting up – because He can! Etc


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