God kneels too

This below was inspired by the  song  Letting Go by Jeremy Camp. and Romans 8: 34-38Romans 8: 34-38
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… When you’re filled up, not even full, but filled up even a little (I know filled up a little?… Well as sinful and as half-hearted as our faith is if we’re honest, God is still so good, that the little space in your heart, the little God-shaped vaccum can still be graced with a  sense of being filled with the fullness of God. God is merciful, kind, patient, so He works with what You give Him. Then He chips away at your hole, that vaccum, pushing its limits and boundaries. So that’s why I said, filled up a little). When you’re filled-up a little, the song below is what happens.

===Jeremy Camp Track: Letting go Album: Burden Me===

Letting go of the things I hold so dear,
Letting go of all my pain and all my fears,
Letting go of the things I hold so dear,
Letting go of all my pain and all my fears

I have been brought to a place,
Where I want to give up everything
Where all I can do is seek your face,
And my brokenness I will bring

Holding on to the things I deem so strong
Holding on even tho my faith has been built so long
Holding on to the things I deem so strong
Holding on to what I know I’m letting go


Like honestly how much more courage and deep devotion can a human being yearn for than to let go?

Its the penultimate!

To say to an unseen Creator Almighty God… tho I cant see You, I trust You. Its a struggle, God I admit, but here’s my offering…all that I am, and all my feeble convictions, my half hearted faith I confess!    My comfort-zine clinging, my sin-loving, transgression-nurtuing, shame-wearing, pain-perpetuating, desert-stubborn-wandering soul. This I bring. My wretchedness.

If I’m usable, if I havent expired in Your eyes. If I’m usable raw material, then take me. Small, insignificant, here today gone tomorrow being. I am like the dust. I have nothing but rags for a garment to enter your pristine royal courts.

And where angels are arrayed in garments of gold and silver glory from Your presence. Where the sons of God walk wearing love. Decked in jewels of fruits of the Spirit. here I can, hardly wearing anything, so wretched that my rags might as well leave me naked. For my rags show me how worthy I am. That stench you smell but dont flinch from is me. After scrubbing myself sabbath after sabbath, churchtime after churchtime. Sermon after sermon. That putrid rotting smell is my heart after all my devotionals, all my Bible study. That stammering useless dribble with its pompuous big words blindly feebly grasping at the wind is the best prayer I can give You. Even the Lord Prayer, word for word, verbatim, untwisted and unchanged, if I recite it, still isnt said with the right heart or right mind.

Then something happens, as I stand there, eyes closed. trmebling barely able to stand but for some strong sure hands holding me up that I cant even see or am afraid to look at. Cause I’m thinking its Gabriel about to throw me out of the Most Holy of Holies , the throne room of God, covered and full of the flame of His Presence. I dont want to open my eyes.

Then a soft kiss on my eyelids, blesses me with enough assurance to open my eyes, and then squiting through the brilliance of Your Holiness, I see you kneeling before me! HOLDING ME UP! And though I can barely take my eyes off You Father, with Jesus smiling and nodding at my side, I notice in the reflection in glass of the floor that I stand on, and in the reflection of Your love-filled eyes, I see myself covered in spectacularly white royal robes, with a sash of the gold of the King, as a prince, where his Father’s seal! I am clean and my scent is the fresh scent of pureness. My skin glows bright with the righteouness of Christ.

And with my mouth, hanging open! Again You speak my name, and it breaks my heart with inexplicable joy.

But its not the sound of Your voice, though that moves my entire being with how gentle, how sublime, how intimate it is. But still kneeling there, holding me up while I shake uncontrollably, I notice, that even God can smile and cry.

Wow, and they drop! God’s tears of joy.


do you dare let go?

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