God and Scifi.

I love Scifi. For someone like me with an over-active imagination (my parents were long-suffering, patient and kind with the odd slip-up of taking a belt and various other implements to my august personage when the need arose), science fiction movies push the boundaries and limits. They feed that part of my soul that believes in magic, the unthinkable and unknowable. In fact The Bible starts with Scifi. “In the beginning”, no other book in the universe claims the things the Bible does. That God is 3 in one, that the son became human so we could royal. There’s so much fantastic stuff in that book, the authors are either crazy or mad. In all other religions gods are always aloof, even when they join with humans its for their own gain. We are the only believers who believe that God, in His FULLNESS (Colossians 1) sacrificed that fullness, just so you and me and Him could DMC forever. No other religion has  God that longs after His creation, with a jealous, lavish, “I’ll die for you”-love. And the Bible starts so eloquently. Nothing epitomises magic for me more than that. And when I say magic, I don’t mean withcraft, I mean an instance in time. A happening. A circumstance. A defying of universal laws in this physical plain of existence. Something so profound, so fringe, so “out-of-the-box” that it becomes inexplicable to the point where by for our minds to comprehend it, even that don’t understand it,we have to attempt to relate so we simply term it “magic”.Some scifi authors actually propose that because humanity’s ever-searching minds are still universally “infantile” we cant really say that God or anything miraculous defies the physical laws of the universe. In fact apparently its egotistical and arrogant to come to such a conclusion when, lets be honest, there’s so much we don’t know.

If we continue from the question we discussed last time I sent out an email, we concluded that when the Father looks over at Jesus and then looks over at me, He loves us the same. Because me, being a believer and a son, He sees the Life and Love of Jesus shining out of my heart, because Jesus shared it with me. He sees the substitution. He sees in my veins the blood bought by another Blood. He sees the value of the sacrifice. (the old testament puts it so beautifully = “He passed over our sins”). And Jesus. For an un-righteous man. He gave me His portion instead of clinging to majesty and Godhead. He condescended to come down here. Die in a body like mine. Slave to sin. So that He could defeat sin in the flesh, no shortcuts, no cheat-codes, no-red bull, to conquer death and elevate me up to being part of the royal blood! The royal blood! A prince amoung the princes. Yes, even a king with a God-given un-deserved throne of judgment. But even more, He surnamed me. I love that! Do you know your REAL Name as recorded in the book of Life?! One day we’ll all find out. I wonder what mine is in heavenish “friend?” “the well-loved?” “the beloved of”? So you and I became part of La Familia, one amoung many brethren like you and I. When God’s heart therefore sees the life of Jesus shining out of my heart, He cant help it but immediately respond.

The point? Where does SciFi come in? I was watching a movie called Titan AE and it starts off like this.

“Once in a great while mankind unlocks a secret so profound that our future is altered forever…fire, electricity, splitting the atom. At the dawn of the 31st century we unlocked another… It had the potential to change humanities role in the universe and it was a testment to the limitless power of the human imagination.”

This opening monologue hit me so deep. But it also profoundly saddened. We have all these many creative artists, authors writers, myself included, around the world, erecting monuments and testaments to the power and awesome wonder of human imagination. And they are correct in part, which is why God respected us enough and what HE had put into us, to be wary if not prudently fearful (don’t take that the wrong way) of allowing us to continue at the tower of Babel. Yet, I believe, that things always work in the opposite way.  Everything starts with God and will inevitably end with God.  God has been profound with us since the beginning. But we lost our glory. Sin made it (glory) fall, fade and wither. We were left not pnly physically naked, but mentally and spiritually naked. A half-hearted, weak-minded, dull-spirited race of people. But then, even in Eden, in came grace and hope. And by the way the trickle down effect of the fall still continues to worsen humanity today “Oh when the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith?” or how bout “Men’s hearts shall wax cold” “Love shall grow cold”. The Cross however is what we call an Epoch. An epoch is a point in history that is so hard-corely crazy important that it changes the history books forever. It affect culture and life on a GLOBAL scale. Some examples along with the cross would be world wars (by the way, the cross was world war 1 – the real one), inventions like TV, telephone etc. With the cross however, not only earthly history but universal history was affected. It was so deep, that even though spiritually (remember we’ve become spiritually dull) we couldn’t full PERCEIVE the effects, Christ’s dying on the cross made the WHOLE ENTIRE universe hold its breath. And when He died everyone else but us was profoundly shaken, every living being was rocked to their core. The rules of the universe were changed forever.

Here is my scifi version of John Chapter 1.

“Once in a great while, the Trinity shares a secret with the universe so profound that its future is altered forever… light, zoe-Life, ‘the Lamb that was slain’. At the dawn of 1st century AD, Jehovah unlocked another. It had the potential to change humanities role in the universe. It was testament to the limitless power of God-head’s love.”

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