Holy Spirit the dreamer the visionary

Holy Spirit the dreamer the visionary Joel 2:28Joel 2:28
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[ God’s Spirit Poured Out ] “ And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.

DREAMS VISIONS = Humans call it day dreams when they are awake and see things and they imagine how things could be. Holy Spirit said to me He’s a dreamer. A visionary. He goes into the future and gets so excited by the potential He sees in us that occassionally, when He can find someone willing and receptive, He “pours out” the future, His dreams and wishes His desires, His wants His hopes for us, into a human mind. He’d love to do this with everyone, but not everyone is open to it. He knows its a huge responsibility and it would change our lives forever. So He’s really careful to prepare the people.

Right now He’s spending a lot time and a lot of energy getting us ready. Ready to receive a power boost. But more importantly. To elevate our thoughts and our desires so close to God that God’s goodness power wont leak but it’ll overflow into us. When the enemy comes upon us like a flood, the Holy Spirit of God comes upon His people like a tsunami. No one can out do God. Not being no human no one. He said to me, His job is to meditate on and search the mind of Christ and then transfer anything and everything He possibly can into us all.

Right now He’s getting us ready because human minds need to be ready to receive that fullness. Its like the plot in a suspense movie where the characters can tell something is coming but they’re not exactly sure whats around the corner. It excites God that  our best thinkers our highest dreamers our craziest imaginations cant come close to whats coming! It excites God that it takes a miracle or divine intervention in  getting us ready. It excites the Holy Spirit how excited God is to bless us and transform us and reward us. Just for surviving this battle we get crowns not medals. We get mansions not pensions or retirement funds. We will have lions and lambs and leviathans for pets not watchs or plaques for keepsakes. But most of all, the throne of God will come down and earth will be heaven HQ. Imagine struggling for millenia to the point whereby Christ said even the “earth groans with birthpangs” for whats coming

Imagine that.

Are you groaning inside with birth pangs for what Jesus can do in our hearts? Are blown away by the glimpse of the heart of God? Does the blood on calvary mean more to you than just get out of jail free? We can never repay but we ought to explode with gratitude.

Holy Spirit…fill us today with the goodness and fullness of Jesus Christ. Make Him proud of us by the work You will do in us! Holy Spirit, we can’t do this without you. Holy Spirit our heart yearn for intimacy with God, but we can’t approach God without You in us. We can’t hear Him without your teaching. We don’t understand Christ without your explanations.

We lay down everything. Our thoughts. Our understanding. Our intelligence. Our experience. We are like dust before you, Mighty Spirit of God. Flame of Jehovah. Teacher, Counsellor and Friend. Prayer Warrior! We need you today.

Won’t you help us?

Jesus if You are willing….

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