Be safe (yes you’re gonna make it to heaven no matter what)
Be increased (the only thing standing inbetween you and abundant life is yourself, God’s been knocking at you’re door arms full since AM)
Be well (God cares about your health so care about it too, for Him then if not for yourself)
Be long-lived (God wants us to have full lives, and you will just believe)
Finally be at peace (no matter what youre Godding-through, you have, not will have, you HAVE peace as the world doesn’t understand. That deep unmovable weeping but reassured, sometimes sad but bittersweet peace)

All this is in the word “Shalom”. And the jews been goin around saying to each other as a typical “hello” greeting for thousands of years. And you wonder why they’re top dogs in so many industries in so many countries.

Shame . We’re gonna get to heaven some of us and find out that the Cross was meant to put you up their on equal footing in all arenas and we missed out cause we say to each things like “hey” “ola” “wassup” or we hangup with things like “later” “shap”. Lol. And blessings are passing us by.

Today, purpose in the Spirit (enter the heart of God then use His power to make a decision for a change in your life. Access that majesty and be changed forever). Purpose in the Spirit to begin adding blessings in your vocabulary. Start with the easy ones. Family and friends. Shalom is a great word.

Because all the promises of God in the Old and New Testament combined are contained in that word. Its the word that Jesus greeted the first disciples He met on the road after His resurrection.
Do you know why its complete? Do you know why it begins with safe?

Because they had risked their hearts bodies and souls for this man. Filled their heads with promises left right and center. Their hopes and dreams hung on Jesus. Then they Guy goes and dies. Imagine how they must have felt. Imagine them thinking about heaven and their eternal destiny. Imagine them asking themselves….was it all worth it? At all? What did I risk my life for? Why have we been suffering Roman and Herod’s persecution. FOR WHAT? Why did I leave my job my profession? Why did I spend so much time on the road, when I could have been with my family? Why did I get thrown out of synagogues? Why have I been battling with demons? Baptising foreigners seeking the truth and I promised them, showing them scriptures in the Bible, that I had an answer!? WHY? WHY?!

So the first words out of His mouth were, “Shalom, friends where are you going?… You look sad…” And they said to Him “Haven’t you heard the news about Jesus?”

Shalom. He was giving them blessed assurance. Power to overcome. Stength to resist. Spirit to teach and pray with us. Courage to endure. Mercy to stop the hate and let go the grudge. Fogiveness to release the one who wrongs you. Peace for the guilty.

In other words, no matter what, if youre a Jesuslover you’re safe. Today, tomorrow and forever. Once you accept Christ, you’re job is work out that salvation thing in your mind until you reach the point (and its a hectic “fearful” process) until you reach the point where you’re convinced you’re salvation isn’t you’re problem once you’re a believer. Its God’s jib to save you always has been. Yours and my job is simply to worship Him. To worship Mr Guarantee. To praise Him and sing about Mr 100% Off, Salvation on sale now for Mahala! Mr Heaven- at discounted prices. No deposit required.

If you’re a worshipper you make. What… Once saved always saved? No. Once a worshipper always saved. Some people get saved but don’t worship God all the time. A worshipper loves God even when they don’t feel like it and it doesn’t make sense. A worshipper knows that my destiny is not mine to determine. And that hurts. That’s scary for some. People want control. They want to know what tomorrows gonna bring. Jesus Himself said “the worries of today are enough for today…dont worry about tomorrow”. “The Father knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, He clothes the flowers of the field the more beautiful than Solomon in his peak. But these are gonna in a day…how much more does the Father care about you?”

I know you feel me when I say its hard to let go and let God. I know its hard to trust. Its crazy to say to yourself, I don’t know where I’m going when I die but God does and that’s enough. Its hard to say like Job, though He slay, yet still will I worship Him! That’s why the Bible says work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Do you realise how much you’re mind has been twisted by work hard and you get something. When you were a kid the clapped when you stumbled you’re first steps. At school they gave you an award when you achieved. The crowd ROARED when the ball cross the try line in your hands. The WHOLE WORLD shakes when the goal is scored at world cup.

But none of that is  Godly mind set. Its all about you-do then you-get. That’s why its so hecticly crazy to work this salvation thing out!

I say to you again, risk, maybe for the first time in your life with the very last verse in Romans chapter 8. Read from this perspective.

Once a worshipper always saved. You’re ending, you’re salvation, youre final destiny has never been you’re business. When you got saved it wasn’t you’re idea. You and I know very well what the bible says. While were “enemies” “yet without strength” “spiritually dead” “He died for us”, “He saved us” “He rescued us” from the very foundation of the world He died for us. So how does you’re destiny have anything to do with you when a being that powerful was a “walking dead-man” thousands and thousands of years ago. Millenia ago, Jesus was a deadman walking for yours and my sakes. Imagine that. Imagine God walking around with death in His heart. A Creator, Life-giving, Time-forming, Space-shaping, Matter-making God. Imagine. Walking around with crucifiction day in your mind and heart for thousands of years. For a people who are gonna reject you billions of times a day for thousands of years before and after the Cross.

Would you die for them?

One of the main reasons many Christians, myself included, sometimes life a spiritual low life is because we’re still worried about if we’re gonna make it. We are counselled to be eaters of solid food and not breast milk. We’re counselled to be the kind of people God cabn trust not to be tossed about too and fro in every storm. People He can trust with His power. With His greatness. The reason I know and suspect with myself why miracles (as Jesus promised shall be the signs that follow them that love me), why miracles arent my daily bread is that I havent been faithful in the little things. The basics. I flip flop back and forth with this will I make idea. Its total nonsense. Its none of my business. My job and my joy. My business and my biggest achievement is to get to a point where I trust God with my ending so much that again “though He slay me” in other words, simple english “though He lets me go through life-threating, faith-threatening, spirit-threatening situations and it looks like theres no hope and I might just lose everything” I will still worship Him.

Here’s the final say. Let God have it. Again mix it with Romans 8 but remember to read it this way once a worshipper always saved. See that’s the difficult part. If you feel different them you tell me how its possible to read the two verses below from the authors and not conclude they believed they were sure they were gonna make it?

ROMANS 8:38-39ROMANS 8:38-39
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For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
1 John 3
1How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

How did they get there? To that conclusion?

You tell me.

Really you tell me.

And that assurance. That permanence. That get ready for a life like you’ve never seen it before. Get ready for battles and bliss. Love and struggles. Fullness. Abundance.

Get ready for Shalom.

Do you have it?

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