More science stranger than fiction – God must really have a sense of humour

Ok last time I wrote  I shared about quantum physics/mechanics and the hand being controlled by the sword.

Bottom line for those of us like me who are hard hearted and hard of hearing. Its this. You and I were made to be creative batteries. With a will of our own, even a degree of our own strength. But we were truly meant to be God-reliant not self-reliant. Or God-connected not an island unto ourselves or self-made.

If the electrons position (yours and my position) is determined by the observer. If the atoms very existence in one spot is determined by who and when it is being watched, then that really blows my mind. It takes my understand of the following on some other tangent all together

  • the life I know life is not mine but is christ
  • my life is hidden in Christ
  • I would rather boast in my weaknesses

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to eat humble pie when I thought I was doing the right thing or knew the right thing only to find once again how handicapped my understanding is on a universal level.

Take Jesus for example WWJS (what would Jesus say)

– these words are not my own
My actions are not my own

  • I can do nothing in my own strength

And this Man was both man and God at the same time. Had He wanted to He could have done anything His mind could think up. But what does He choose instead…He chooses instead humility, dependency on the Father, guidance and power from the Holy Spirit. Do you get what I’m saying?

In my little small inadequate understanding, it seems like the Trinity’s version of power, might and strength – is co-dependency. Now you pyschoanalysts out there park your vocab for a second. Replace that word with anything else that makes you feel comfortable that simply describes a relationship where equally powerful being, in the way they interact with each other, instead of autonomy of thought, action or strength, choose a more excellent way. Instead the trinity chooses INTER-reliance, each seeking the glory and love and needs and pleasure of the other. The Holy Spirit says nothing of itself only of Jesus. Jesus refuses to hoard the reward or the spot light and gives all glory to the Father. And contrary to popular opinion the Father doesn’t just sit there like some autocrat and absorb all the hard work of the Son and ake all the credit. Quite the contrary. Colossians 1 displays this divine co-dependency beautifully. Everything in the universe was made by the Son, through the Son and FOR THE SON, to the glory of the Father. So anything our Father, our Almighty Daddy does with us to us through us is FOR Christ. In others the Father is simply treating us the same way He treats the Son. Now I cant even barely comprehend that small piece right there.

More Biblical context

  • Co-workers
  • co-heirs
  • thrones
  • you and I are glorified (wow you mean God shares His glory…hmmm so He isnt stingy with any part of Himself then?)

Ok so all of that is great. Bottom line. Who we are is dpendent, especially for believers, on who He is. Moreover, the results of anything He does for you a lot of the times get influcenced by WHO you THINK he is. Butluckily it does stop there. Cause for some of us our pictyre of God is so bad, where our blessings ONLY dependent on our understanding of Him or our level of faith in Him, some of us wouldn’t have anything good to say about themselves or their lives at all.

It’s just that being believers, signing up to join the club of faith, does however HOLD YOU to a higher standard. Whereby the goodness of God in your life time could be so much better if you only believed in Him more. So…because you believe, when He opens His hand and your standing there on His palm the outcome of Him peeking at you is to some extent dependent on YOU! Woman with the issue of blood. But

One more time…

For the hard-hearted and hard of hearing. Of the ten lepers, they took a risk. They didn’t know Jesus well enough like the woman with the issue of blood. So they asked a very strange question. “SON OF DAVID” which is an easy way to get stoned and killed in ancient Israel for blasphemy. It was equivalent to calling some one “MESSAIAH”. And so you may not know God too well. You may not even know how He works or what He can do for you but you’ve got to take a risk. You’ve got to put it al on the line. And here was their question….”Son of David! If you are willing, you could make us whole”.

That broke Jesus heart. Read that section carefully. Look at the punctuation. I can so see Jesus crying out in SHOCK and saying “I AM WILLING, Be whole!” Which is exactly what He did. Go search for in your Bibles. Its in red and theres and exclamation mark at the end.

When is the last time you broke God’s heart with a last desperate plea of hope. When is the last time you made that “call”? When is the last time you were in a crowd or in front of witnesses and you had to take a leap of faith about whatever it was and you shouted at God that you werent really sure if He wanted good things for you but He was you last and only chance? See God does respect people. That “no respector” or persons verse in the Bible is so often misinterpreted. Or misread. God doesn’t respect race. Read acts where Peter was surprised gentiles could prophecy. Which should speak to people who think fruits of the spirit are solely monopolised by their church. Number one. It also means that if God needs to get something done no matter how big or menial, God doesn’t care about your status or achievements or talents or gifts. If He decides to use you He will. He spared no limits with His own Son. Surely as David says, if God decides to use you to sweep the streets of Joburg (I know that scares some people) to save the city. He will do so. Whether your a CEO or Prime Minister or not. That’s what that verse means. Stop reading stuff in isolation. Read AROUND verses in the Bible and find if that verse has occurred more than once and go read that place too. Then you’ll arrive at meaning and it’ll show the Holy Spirit your willing to listen not tell Him the Author what He meant! Lol. So if you’re lucky, He might just stop by, pop in, visit you, while you’re reading and actually give a personal tutoring lesson. It took me years to understand why the Son of God would cry ou for the world to hear from the Cross that His Father had abandoned Him and yet He was hanging there for the very reason He left heaven anyway! Ok I digress.

All I’m saying is put it out there. Put the question to God out there. Do You really care? And be honest with God. Its not being rude. Its being honest with God for your own benefit. Because to be honest sometimes we aren’t convinced that God wants the best for us.

And here’s the last piece which blew my mind with that Schrödinger’s cat/quantum mechanics thing.
Tomorrow, whatever situation your in, especially bcause you believe in God and here’s the kicker, that you are a vessel for the Holy Spirit a living temple a heavenly house for God. When you look at your situation life problems or anything….these things change simply because you took a good hard look at them. Ooooo and heres something that will mess some people up….God is looking out of your eyes while you look at your situation. So its changing just because you’re looking at it, I suspect even more so if you look at it with faith and trust in God… And the Almighty Himself, is IN YOU, LOOKING OUT OF YOU ….AT what youre looking at.

Jo!…. That gives me the shivers.

Here’s one more just to mess up youre week. Daniel and Revelation are apparently Biblical prophecy. As Christians we believe the Bible and so we believe prophecy. Ok…with me so far. There are parts of prophecy that we look at with nostalgia or longing or wishing it was about us. E.g. 144,000 in revelation (I’m going to get into who they are in this email) or the spiritual gifts some Bible heroes had….or things like that.

Just by looking or reading this stuff….with longing and desire and wishing and needing in your heart…you’re changing youre own future.

Can you see now why the Bible has very strange verses like
“the violent take heaven by force”


“work out your salvation with fear and trembling” and yet the bvery same Bible says be strong and very courageous in Joshua, and says “we have not been given a spriti of fear again in bondage.. But a spirit love, of power and of a sound mind”

People…apparently…if we apply science with just basic level faith (see God does want you to think!) to our lives, situations, needs, wants, desires, obstacles, trials, hurts pains….just because I believe in Jesus, then whatever I look at in my life and in my heart changes just bcause I looked at it and the Holy Spirit is looking at it with me…

Just by looking at it.

Just looking

“behold…then we shall know as we are fully known, for even now we are being transformed as we behold Him, being changed from glory to glory into His image”

Just looking

Sometimes…you gotta be in a place where you’ve got no answers. Sometimes you gotta get the understanding that you arent the changer, but the one being changed. By looking, you and I manipulating reality just cause we took an honest failthful look at our  lives. That the universe is constantly shifting and reshaping and changing just a human with faith is looking at it. And in all that “chaos” as some would see it, God somehow can predict thousands of years of human history in advance. So He’s always weaving  tapstery of control and freedom intertwined. And you and I have a chance to take part in the creative process of weving on this universal size canvas. Just …by….looking

I hope someone out there reads this email and does two things

  1. Like that leper…you’re willing no matter the odds or possible shame….to ask God if He’s willing
  2. That someone amoung you will see their lives changed for the better just cause they had the faith of a mustard seed to just look at it and believe in a wonder-working God whose simple thought or voice can create the stars in our night sky. That someone will see their lives changed just because they believe that God lives inside them and that when they look, at anything, good or bad, alive or dead, hopeful or hopeless, big or small that just cause they looked…their reality changed. I want someone to believe that.

Shalom for you today sons and daughters or glory

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