Quantum mechanics of faith

We ask a lot of the times why God can be apparently good and yet the world can be so transparently bad sometimes. Othertimes we ask why things don’t turn out the way we want them to. I learnt or relearnt a lesson about that this week.

I’m sitting here in my space meditating on something I saw a while back about quantum mechanics. Schrödinger’s cat is a great example. It could speak to a Christian about their faith. Or their lack of it. Its a  battle of the soul for the soul. Here’s how it works really simply.

Lets pretend you had a cat in the palm of your hand. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Simoultaneously lets say you have in the same palm a poisoned sardine. Now imagine that you close your hand over the cat and the sardine.

When you open your hand will the cat be dead or alive?

Some of you will say fifty fifty chance the cat is dead or alive. And according to the normal mechanics of the observable universe you’d be right. But with quantum physics its a different story.

Here’s the deal. As long as your hand is closed, quantum physics holds that the cat is both simoultaneously alive and dead (poisoned) at the same time. Crazy right? Lets go even deeper but with basic science that everyone can follow. An atom, is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. The balance or lack of balance between the protons which give a positive charge and the electrons which give a negative charge result in atomic force. How many there are results in the type of atom or element. E.g.  Hyrdogen has only one of each. Helium has 2. You get the picture? Now  because of the structure of an atom, scientists can observe or measure the exact position and number of protons and neutrons within an atom. But heres the kicker. Most of an atom, that stuff you and me and the computer your reading this email on is made up of empty space. And in fact, electrons are so powerful but so small, scientists can never tell exactly where an electron is within an atom! At best its a guess. This little negative charge is like a bee flying around the nucleus of an atom all over the place! They can never tell at any one point where it is!

If two different people were to look at an atom at the exact same moment of time on opposite ends of the atom, theres a fifty fifty chance the electron they are looking at could be on their side of the atom. Now some would say left others would say right. And in the material, observable, quantifiable measureable world, either one would be right. But quantum physics says, the electron would be on both sides of the atom at the same time (that remind you of anything? Say God giving us a hint of what He meant by omnipresence? Or how about the trinity doctrine where the three are one…or how about in john where Jesus rips into Phillip when he says show us the Father! And jesus goes if you have seen Me you have seen the Father!)

Ok Andrew…where does faith come in with quantum physics. Well I learnt a lesson this week. A hard one. Here it is. According to quantum physics…the observer determines the outcome of the reality. Here are a couple of quotes
“go woman…your faith has made you whole” “in all or Israel I have not seen one with more faith than this Roman” or how about this one “if you have the faith of the mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain…” and the last one, “faith is substance of things hoped for…the EVIDENCE of things not seen”.

According to quantum physics, the cat being alive or dead depends on you. The location of the electron as in an atom depends on who the observer is. Here’s what I love. And here’s the lesson I’m praying to God about.

He’s put before me a choice. Life or death. Or maybe more practical plans of good not of harm. To prosper me.

Honestly I have no excuse if by the time I get to heaven I didn’t taste a piece of heaven down here on earth. Why?! The outcome of whats in my hand depends on me the observer. Until I open my heart, to discover my fate, both eventualities occur at the same time.

In me, there is my natural carnal self with the tendency to give up on hope and give into sin (Roman 7), living right along side next to the renewed life of Jesus Christ and the full blessings of heaven (Eph 1:3-4Eph 1:3-4
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), both in me, wrestling in me both at the same time. Sin and death, despair and selfishness, materialism and worldliness wrestling against life and truth, hope and love, kingdom allegiance and divine mission. Theres a war going on inside. And here is the beauty of my God and Grace and the danger of the present truth of my human condition. The miracle.

The observer, me, gets to decide.

My daily struggle?
I choose life! I choose wisdom! I choose love.

But in me is nothing good nor the strength to follow through. Nothing at all.

But the Bible says..therefore choose life and live!

That says to me, and my prayer for myself and us all is this. And its so simple. “Father…I choose You, Life, Love..I want to live and my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Help Thou my unbelief!”

What are you holding in the palm of your hands in your life right now?

What outcome do you want in the deepest most bottomest most guttest most primal seat of your heart? What do you want? Want are you hoping for against hope? When you open your hand……

What do you want to see?

Learn from the atom. The electron. Which neither knows God nor can praise or sing or seek God and yet it is willing to be whatever it is asked to be by the observer. I’m not syaing be perfect. I’m not saying be strong. I’m not even saying know what you’re doing a lot of the time. From what we get from the gospels especially Mark, even Jesus got His itinerary on a daily not a full calendar of 3 and half years. But through prayer (we need that thing) Jesus woke up everyday willing to be on whatever side of the atom His Father needed to be.

No matter what happens in your life remember this. He is the author and the finisher. And He who has begun a good work in us will finish it. We exist to be “called” not to make ourselves become. Isn’t that amazing. It gives me hope cause I make huge mistakes sometimes. I also make huge leaps of faith sometimes. But through it all, sometimes its through my mistakes that I am humbled to realise, God just ask me to listen for His call. Then if I present myself on that side of the atom. If I wait for God to open His hand and leave my outcome to Him. Surely it lets me live life with just that little more peace.

That elusive thing. Peace. Its my prayer once again, that we’re just willing to listen. To wait for the call.

That we’re just ready to be observed by the greatest Observer in existence. Imagine what His mind can come up with when He opens His hand and looks inside at you and me!

So…what do you want…when the hand is opened? Imagine that. Science just messed up your faith in a good way today.

Be Observed. Be an experiment in the hand of God. Leave the end outcome to Him.

Lord Jesus…can You hear our hearts? If You scour us and purge us with hyssop. If we step aside and with a little nervous fear and even some honest shame, if we let you Holy Spirit go in there and look deep down inside, can you hear our prayer? We love you. Shall the clay say to the Potter what shape it will take. Sometimes it’ll be painful. And yet please because we have the potential to be either or in so many areas of our lives’ decisions, we would rather You open Your hand and observe us and by just looking at us…that You Jesus would change us forever. Amen

– Shalom on your day. On you life. May God imbue your very heartbeat with His love and peace. May every breath your lungs take inhale the free oxygen of the grace of God.

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