Pregnancy – stuck in sin

…He loved you thousands of years ago

He loved you when you were kicking in your mothers womb and she had to cry out with momentary pain.

Psalms 71:6Psalms 71:6
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On You I have rested from the womb; You are He who took me out of my mother’s bowels; my praise always shall be of You.

Psalms 139:13Psalms 139:13
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For You have possessed my inward parts; You have covered me in my mother’s womb.

And by the way…thats how God feels when you’re stuck in sin when you cry out to Him asking for salvation.  You’re stuck in wrongness and you pray desperately “Lord Help ME STOP”…and KICK goes the Holy Spirit in Christ’s heart and like He did here on earth. Jesus stops in His tracks and goes “Ow!”

But the pain of you hurting yourself doesn’t last for God.


Cause God sees the rebirth, being born again.

Mark 1:41Mark 1:41
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: And Jesus, moved with compassion, put out His hand and touched him, and said to him, I will; be clean!

See when the Bible says the word compassion its always connected to pain. Jesus feels for you.

You’re stuck in guilt. Doubt.

He’s stuck in pangs. Passion.

Which is stronger? 🙂

See all He’s waiting for is that miracle-moment when you really want OUT! When you really mean it. Desperately! No more games. You’re not half serious. Half-stepping. You don’t sorta mean it. You’re actually so serious its all youre praying about. You’re not praying for a job or for a partner or for healing or anything else. You’ve forgotten those things. Jesus in you is all you’re focused on. Even for just a second. Remember God is outside time. All He needs is one-trillionth of a nansecond when He gets permission from you to be Almighty in your life. The gap. The moment. The opportunity. When you open cause He’s been knocking.

When the child wants to be born, and its time, it wants to be BORN! It kicks. It moves. It squirms. It gets heavier and heavier.God is stuck in that waiting moment! Why do you think He’s been knocking on the door of your heart all this time? He wants you to be Holy. But more than that. He wants you to live! Abundantly! You’re depressed and feeling low. Imagine taking that feeling and putting it in the mind of an ALL-POWERFUL heart full of love and this compassion that is so real its physically manifested in the body?

Isaiah 43:23-25Isaiah 43:23-25
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You have not brought Me the lamb of your burnt offerings; nor have you honored Me with your sacrifices. I have not caused you to serve with an offering, nor wearied you with incense. You have bought Me no sweet cane with silver, nor have you filled Me with the fat of your sacrifices; but you have burdened Me with your sins; you have wearied Me with your iniquities. I, I am He who blots out your sins for My own sake, and will not remember your sins.

By the way sin – in the original Hebrew means “to miss the mark, to fall short, to not measure up, to not be exactly like, to fail to live up to” – that covers doubting God

Iniquity – again in the original Hebrew means “crooked, bent, mis-aligned, wrongly shaped, wrongly facing, incorrect, at a foundational level to be wrong, to be wrong at the core”

If those two things – not just transgressions – have made God weary for you…can you see why you need to be reborn.

Receive rebirth. Stop what you’re doing because God says stop not because you have any power to stop yourself. Stop because Gods commands are empowering

John 8:10-11John 8:10-11
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When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those yours accusers? has no man condemned you? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn you: go, and sin no more.

Psalms 142:3Psalms 142:3
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When my spirit fainted within me, then You knew my path. In the way in which I walked they have secretly laid a snare for me.

Your sins cause you guilt. And they cause Jesus birth-pangs. A mother doesn’t get annoyed or angry when the child kicks. She smiles! It hurts! But she’s filled with joy! Why? The pain doesn’t matter. Its momentary. 9 months is a long time. But nothing compare to a lifetime of watching the changes growth and prosperity of her child.

The BIRTH MATTERS. For God the moment you’re heart YEARNS for holiness, the sin no longer matters, its the baptism that’s coming that makes Him smile. God doesn’t cling to your doubts. He wants you just to try the littlest possible. The smallest desire in you that’s real.

He doesn’t need you to open your mouth.

He doesn’t need you change the way you walk or talk.

He’s not looking for money tithe or offering.

He’s just looking for that person that believer who can push through a crowd and touch just the hem of His garment then turn around to leave.

Don’t you remember the story? The woman touched the edge of Jesus garment. She got healing. She turned to go. IT IS GOD. IT IS CHRIST who stopped everyone and said “who touched Me!?

That’s the difference between when you’re serious and when you’re sorry. When you’re sorry you aren’t desperate. Just afraid. Just wanting to be let go, excused. Free. Relieved. But when you’re serious. When you yearn, you cry out! The need, the hunger for holiness, the desire to be more like Him CONSUMES you. And that is the key. It is this deep gut-wrenching need to be better to be more like Him to be in Jesus that catches God’s attention fastest.

Why are you stuck in your past?


Its not too late and its never one time too many!!!!

Birth occurs Daily! “For I die daily, and the life I now live is Christ’s”.

That woman carried her baby. In the womb that placenta feeds the child. Have you EVER come across a mother, who loves her child who counts how many times she breastfed her child, or how many times she provided for her child? Yes moms may say “I carried you for 9 months” But can they count how many times you kicked? How many times you suckled? How many times the spent money on food? Not that its impossible to count. We have a number system that goes up to quintillions (look it up). We have women out there who are mothers and professors of mathematics or astronomy. You think no woman on the earth is capable of counting how many times she breastfed her child? Not all.

They just don’t think about it. The don’t bother. They don’t count cause it just doesn’t matter. Its not important. In fact the idea is so ridiculous when you think about like that, that its just plain dumb.

Psalms 22:9-10Psalms 22:9-10
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:For You are He who took me out of the womb, causing me to trust when I was on my mother’s breasts. I was cast on You from the womb; You are my God from my mother’s belly.

Why are you counting how many times you’ve asked God for a second chance? Do you honestly think human mothers who don’t stop to count can outdo God in their natural maternal instincts? Than God in His omnipotent self-sacrificing AGAPE?

What gives you the right to count for God how many times He must revive your spiritual life? Can you count as far as God? Sometimes we’re simply spiritually not smart. Me included by the way. I do that too sometimes. And I admit. Its ridiculous. There is never going to be a human behaviour that is good that can outdo God’s behaviour.

But heres what’s beautiful. Can you see how wonderful maternal instinct is? Can you see how beautiful the natural mind of a mother who loves even a little. Even a mother stuck on drugs doesn’t cant never stops to count how much breast milk you suckled. All she remembers is that when you were a baby you were hungry.

Shouldn’t that encourage you just a little bit about God? Can you see how much beauty God wove into the marvel that is humanity? Can you see how we are fearfully and wonderfully made? We are a downgraded version of God. All the natural and good things we do are just a shadow. A hint. A sign of who God is multiplied times infinity squared to the exponential. LOL.

Guys…humans cant outdo God.

But what a wonderful privilege it is to be a downgrade of Jehovah. To be a small version. To a “like” the Creator of heaven and earth.

Isaiah 57:15Isaiah 57:15
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: For so says the high and lofty One who inhabits eternity; whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, even with the contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.

BUT God is NOT SO HIGH that He’s forgotten how to bend. To lean over. To get off His throne and “coombaya” (come by here).

God is not so Holy that He cant sympathize empathize revitalise.

God is an expert at jump-starts. At push-starts. You’re problem is you’ve stopped believing that.

God is excited about desperation. You’re problem is that when its desperate you think you’re farthest. How cruel a God that would be. When you need Him most is when He’s unavailable. Why are we stuck thinking God is mean and that humans can outdo God in acts of kindness.

Lower yourself. Recognize that you cant help yourself. Be serious. Be desperate for more of the Holy Spirit. Be serious.

And guys…unbelief is just as much a sin as any other.

Looking for a job: To believe that God is the Creator but not or a weak Provider is sin. – we don’t beg

Looking for success: To believe that there is heaven coming soon and not believe God can prosper you here and now is simply sin. – my plans for you are not of harm but of good, to prosper you

Your relationship needs healing: To believe that Jesus would bleed on a Cross for us but not stop a few seconds to visit the heart of your spouse and save your marriage from divorce is unfortunately sin.
Which is easier. For the Holy Spirit to convince your partner to at least listen to a counsellor or to carry the sins of billions of people from the beginning of time? – with God nothing is impossible

Looking for a partner: This is sin. It is sin to read the Bible and believe its possible for God to make a strange woman stop and water the camels of a servant from a foreign country then give the strange man water then finally give herself water and not believe God can find you a partner is a ridiculous sin. Sorry but I’m just speaking what I read. – God loved Isaac. He loves you. Its that simple

Looking to start a family: Its just wrong to think God is capable of creating the sun moon and stars and isnt able to help you have children. God can command the dead. God can raise Lazarus, Talitha cumi a little girl. Raise the son of a woman – your womb isnt stronger than God

Looking for business: That God can stop the sun for a few hours in its path and throw physics into momentary universal turmoil. That God is capable of telling wind to be quiet and water to stop moving when just a few minutes ago He’d been power-napping in the middle of storm….and you’re walking into job interviews wondering if you’re gonna get it or into boardrooms not sure if you’re gonna get that deal? – winds and waves shall obey My will.

Most importantly…Looking for spiritual healing. For more of Him in YOU. For His Holy Spirit. For an anointing For power?….

If God can save a man inhabited by a legion (=battlion=many times many so stop trying to questimate), a legion of demons….surely God can hear you when you backslide or when you cant pray or when you cant read the the Bible like you know you should. Whats easier, what takes less effort…casting out demons into a herd of pigs? Or give you a desire to read His Word? Or sing His praises? Or pray for your enemies? Or forgive the people who hurt you, abused you, molested you? Whats easier? Giving you a new heart? Or helping a man who didn’t even ask. So lost. So depraved. So in-human that he had to be chained in a cave outside the city. And when Jesus found the guy it wasn’t even him talking to Jesus. It was the demons….at least you have occassional moments where you say something to God “help me please!

All of these attitudes are sin.

And we’re stuck.

But thank God He’s excited…cause some of us in this world, …are like children in a mothers womb kicking, desperate to be re-BORN.

Now go….and sin no more in Jesus name.


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