Sin…oh oh! Here we go again!

Ok … so you’re a Christian. A serious Christian or at least you wanna be. Or ur tryna find out if you can be Christian cause you’ve seen movies like Chronicles of Narnia (lol)! Umm…What’s your biggest real/potential stumbling block? You’re biggest issue, problem, fear, hang-up? What’s holding you back, stressing you out, keeping you from your potential? It’s sin, isn’t it?! “I’m not worthy” or “this is impossible” or “I’ve got other problems right now, I’ll get serious about God later” are probably thoughts flooding your mind. Here’s something that’ll mess you up…God loves sinners. Don’t get offended or confused, just get mildly surprised. Park it though. Take a chill pill and we’ll digest it slowly together.


Know this, that the gospel is God’s answer to the “sin problem”. Ok, most people wanna know how much God loves us and how we can get to heaven. And that’s ok, but it’s like learning how to drive by learning reverse first. Diagnose before cure. Get checked before you get druggedJ . Make sense?


Here’s another problem….Most of us approach the gospel like a blind date or an arranged marriage. We’re in it cause it’s the right thing to do. Or I don’t wanna burn in hell one day. This chapter will show you how hectic and totally insane our situation is. How deeply handicapped we are by it. Then in comes the gospel. Like a man coming in from the desert, there’s nothing like the sweet taste of pure clean cool refreshing sprite! Kidding. Spring water.

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