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Philippians 1:19-20Philippians 1:19-20
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19 For I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, 20 according to my earnest expectation and hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death.

Now the questions, essentials we need. This section in your Bible should be titled [ To Live Is Christ ]

  1. If to live is Christ, which would you rather have, stronger faith or stronger Christ?
  2. When you pray, what would you rather do, learn to pray or learn to listen, so that you and the Holy Spirit can agree on what you want to talk to God about?
  3. Why does the Bible say stuff like “let this mind which was in Him be in you” and like in verse 19 above “supply the Spirit of Christ”, “my body is a vessel” and “the Lord seeks worshippers .. In SPIRIT [and in truth]?

Is it just me, or is less or me always more? How can I a sinner ever hope to love God unless that love is given to me? How can I a sinner ever hope to KNOW God’s mind, when He is so above me, its in-comprehensible, unless He gives me (transforms mine) His mind?

Whats it gonna take for me (us) to finally get it that there is really nothing good in me and all I should long for and desire and yearn for is to be FULL of Him? But I want to be full of Him doesn’t that mean something has to be poured out? And I don’t mean sin, remember sin is just like interference, during bad weather that messes with the signal. Before we fell we were always intended to be vessels. God-imagebearers, glory-mirrors, love-makers and love-givers. All that good stuff from God was meant to go somewhere in us. Like hunger, your body needs food. Like spiritual-connection, your heart needs your lover. Like thirst, your tongue and your throat need water. Like oxygen, your body needs air.

Notice how God put so many hints into your soul’s or being’s makeup that point to the spiritual. None of them are bad. You get sick you need medicine. That’s bad. Sickness is from the devil it was never intended for our race. Sickness is first spiritual no matter what kind it is, from flu to cancer. Its an attack and its “fallout” from the nuclear bomb of the sin in Eden. We’re casualties.

So focus ont eh good stuff. See how your body works. You’re built to run on energy, so then you burn out, so then your body reminds yu with hunger that you need food. In fact, if you really listen to your body it tells you exactly what you need. When you abuse it or let it run wild we call those binjing. But cravings are a good thing, when your healthy. They’re insurance

Same with thirst. Your throat goes dry and ur voice even changes. Your body knows it wants water. Not coke or orange juice. It wants water.

Emotionally as well, when you miss somebody (maybe I’m just in that space today lol 🙂 ) your emotions give you that heavy, continuously interrupting feeling of longing for that person in the middle of whatever your doing. And it lasts for a WHILE! It doesn’t consult. In the middle of a boardmeeting, at night before you sleep. In ur dreams they popup.

But notice, they all come from a need. An emptiness, when you run out of something.

Are we needy? Have we run out of God? We could be more desperate for God but are we really? I betchu its cause we’re filling up with the wrong stuff, so there’s not much room for God to fill. And when He does come in, when we run out of say alcohol or sex, the hole left over is so much bigger then the hole left behind when we’ve run out of the love of God. And so our hunger is small.

But thank God for a mustard seed of faith, cause it becomes such a big tree, that when it germinates in our hearts, it takes up a lotta space. That’s why Psalms 51 is so good. “Purge me, cleanse me, with hyssop!”

Lets really push God’s limits! (Yes I said that). Lets seek after Him until He says “If I don’t answer these mad people…..” Lets ask God to purge us, empty us, cleanse us. Let ask God to give us SUCH A BIG HOLE in our hearts for Him, that we feel like we’d rather die than not spend every moment of every hour of every breath in His intimate embrace.

Lets get radical about our faith. Lets go MAD

Shalom on you all

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