01 Our God is awe-SOME

Sometimes … its important to remember that God isnt human. Even though we’re made in His image (more about that later), we’re similar to Him. We are like Him but He is waaaayyyyy more than us. He’s bigger, smarter, stronger … all the “-er”s you can think of. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-places-at-once, spaceless, timeless, immaterial, personal, loving, just, merciful… Think about […]

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Courtship Conversations

So…its not just about catching feelings. Courtship is serious. Its important to adult. And adulting means you’ve gotta have those cool, deep and sometimes tough but life changing conversations. This post is really short.   Its just a list of conversation starters. Check this out below. Its compiled from a whole bunch of pre-marital and courtship counselling sources. These are […]

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5 love languages – what is your love language

So everyone wants to be in healthy relationships. Romantic, family, friendships etc. As Christians we also believe that everyone has desires, dreams and weaknesses because nobody’s perfect. So then…the ultimate question…whats the key to happy fulfilling joyful relationships? Well it always begins with God…but since we’re talking about love, and being loving and receiving love, its important to find out […]

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