Proving God’s Will Part 2

Micah 6:8Micah 6:8
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 (New King James Version)
8  He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the LORD require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?

After Aunty Gail shared with me this morning in response to my email there was a central scriptural theme. Again this confirmed something our captain Bongani has said to me a few weeks back.

We need to get to a point where and I quote “we are proud of mercy”… Currently “we’re not proud of  mercy, we’re proud of justice”. And yet God uses mercy as a seat (God is just on some other level, like what do you even begin to say about this Guy) on top of justice. He balances the two, justice and mercy, but His preference where we’re concerned is mercy since He knows we cannot meet the requirements of justice on our own. To empower us He shows mercy (grace) where its not deserved and in fact where it might even be rejected.

But here’s the kicker, when someone, who didn’t think they’d get it, receives mercy, it liberates and subsequently empowers them. The mercy God shows us has a ripple effect, its not only a mercy enabler or energizer in our lives but it also produces love patience kindness etc. God’s gifts are multi-faceted. His gifts are almost like a pathogen, that attacks multiple areas of our sin-system, compromising our ability let alone desire to sin. Leaving us open or prone to infection and inhabitation by the Holy Spirit. Lol! God’s gifts are so powerful that they never come individually. Look at the fruits of forgiveness…. Kindness, gentleness, love, long-suffering are all restored to the receiver and giver once divine forgiveness is allowed to work. Healing comes. Humility follows. Joy takes seed. Eish…

So even though we are proud of justice (correctness and being right) even that we don’t do properly so what does He do, He gives us mercy so we can become just. He frees us from the yoke of the ladder of the law, and gives us wings of heaven-reaching grace. We don’t get tired or grow weary when He is our all in all. But if we do, we go back to Him and RECHARGE.

So I just wanna say, the Holy Spirit spoke through Bongani to me that day, when he said with sadness, we’re not proud of mercy, we’re proud of justice. Yet we should be proud of mercy. Or like Micah says quoting the heart of God…. Let us “Love mercy” then we will prove what is good, what is the acceptable and perfect will of God.

Imagine that, a people walking this earth, who LOVE to show mercy and from within that spirit RUSH to do justice and yet walk humbly toward the Almighty God performing great works and feats of beatitudes as they go along. WOW WOW WOW. Just imagine a church with people like that. Forget walk right dress right interpret right, but a people able to show mercy to prostitutes and not condemn but love with life-changing empowering valuing love. Able to show mercy to the addicted and be a safehaven from the past mistakes and present guilts and struggles. Able to show mercy to one another when we wrong each other especially within the body of Christ where for some reason when we hurt each other we take the longest to forgive each other. Able to show merciful to the family they come from deserved or undeserved, with a spirit or restoration of surprising kindness of wonderful mad nurturing and support of unquenchable patience because we know some of our greatest struggles take place on the family front. We can forgive the hurts of strangers but draw out and nurture long the wounds caused by our loved ones. When will we be a people who rush to be the first to show mercy in situations like these.

Again ….. O man! He has shown you what is good and what does He require? That we do Jesus (justice), that we love mercy (Father forgive them they’re clueless) and that we walk humbly (My Father is greater than I, I only do what I have been commanded and I speak what I have heard).

Shalom on you all.

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