More Jesus – scifi

If you’re a fan of Star trek. There is a race called the Borg. (I’m writing this in the middle of preparing a sermon for Sabbath at Eldorado Park on the Beatitudes). So it came to me (don’t ask), the Borg. They are a race that’s looking for perfection in their existence. The prefect circumference. The perfect equation. The prefect merger of the mechanical and the biological. The perfect culture by assimilating the best from conquered cultures and races.

Whenever they encounter a human ship they send a message to a potential captured ship as follows

“We are the Borg, lower your ships and surrender you ships. We will assimilate your culture and your consciousness into our own. Resistance is futile!”

So somehow, I believe its the usual suspect the Holy Spirit, I was pondering on my sermon when I got interrupted as usual. Now this had nothing to do with what I was preparing for Sabbath, but God is King and He can interrupt you anytime He feels like un-announced. Oh and by the way I was listening to Smokie and a track entitled “Lord I lift my voice”. And suddenly I was hit by, God is like the Borg.

Not don’t get me wrong, God doesn’t take over and stuff. But He does demand surrender. He comes to you saying

“I am the Lord you God, lay down your burden and surrender your heart.  We will come and live in your heart. Sinfulness is futile!”. (for the end thereof is damnation and death 🙁    )

What’s amazing, contrary to the Borg searching for perfection by destroying civilizations and cannibalizing whatever they find. God, is perfect, Holy, complete. He is Life, He is Love. And yet He says to us, even though I have a throne, a city with streets of gold, a mansion made up of many mansions and the worship and adoration of angels, I still want your heart. I want to live inside you. I have chased (some versions say pursued which means hunted) after you with an everlasting love. I have engraved you on Me as a permanent sign to the universe. I will come and abide in you. I have loved over you with a jealous lavish overflowing overwhelming love.

“I am the Jesus. Lay down your burden and surrender your heart. Sin is futile”

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