Power of choice

I had to share this.

You cannot get there by stressing over it. You get there through worship. Actually you FIND yourself there.

Eveything about God is focused on the love relationship, then you find yourself in the fruits. That’s why they’re called fruits of the Spirit. Sounds like word-play. But its not. The Holy Spirit is Lord. Sovereign. You have absolutely no part to play in His decision making process. He distributes as He wills. For the benefit of the body. Your job. Your work is… Worship “for the Lord seeks worshippers”. Don’t even get to the in Spirit and in truth part. That’s too advanced. To high-level. Humble yourself. Instead worship in “Father, how are You today?! Whats on Youre mind! I know I bless Your name and praise You, but I hardly ever take the time to care about You, what do You need today, what breaks Youre heart, what fills You with joy, what can I do to spoil You today. To make you smile”

Do you see? Adrian… Be… IN…  God. Because He is already IN you!

Be swallowed up (Enoch).
Be consumed (Jeremiah).
Be excited (David)!
Be intrigued by God (Nathaniel).
Be indebt to God forever and ever to the point where you literally go and spend everything you have on Him(Mary Magdalene).
Be attracted to God (Song of Solomon).
Be enamoured of God (eish David).
Be delighted (David and again) by God.
Be blown away (Job) by God.
Be loyal to God even if it means giving up friends AND FAMILY (Ruth)
Be embarassed for and by God in front of the whole world (Hosea).
Be awed and then glorified (Moses) by God. (yeah I meant what I said there)
Be THUNDERSTRUCK by God’s power (Daniel).
Be crazy about and go crazy FOR God (John the bapt).
Be careless about your life for God and even risk death for God (all the disciples).
Be vulnerable with God even if it means being brave enough to lose your temper (Jonah).
Be honest with God when He disappoints you (Jeremiah , Elijah – again)
Be real enough with God that you hesitate to say yes, when He asks you for something BIG (Esther … That’s a hard teaching).
Be primitive in your faith in God so that even when you make honest and BIG mistakes for Him, you’re still saved by Him when you shudda been lost (Saul-to-Paul)
Be brave enough to believe God against all odds (Joshua)
Be brave enough to challenge the mighty and the powerful because you have God, only to find youre mistakenly challenging God Himself (Joshua at wall of Jericho meets Jesus the commander).
Be hopeless enough to ask to dare to risk and tell God to prove Himself, then live up to your end cause its no turning back (Gideon… Another hard teaching, don’t ask for proof unless you know that’s it!).
Be humble enough to turn back to God, even when you’ve wasted so much of your life and made so many mistakes and all you have left is your foolishness and your hope(Samson)
Be righteously and correctly angry for God! (David… One more time ok I’m done with David).
Be willing to wait for God for many many many years, sometimes backsliding, but waiting waiting waiting, and when the answer you’ve waited for finally comes, be willing to give it up (Abraham).
Be willing to defy nature for God(Peter)
Be a vessel for God (Mary, Sarah, me, you)
Be sick but a healer for everyone else but yourself for God (Paul)
Be saved multiple times from jail, and hard life-threatening situations and then be able not to hold it against God when He doesn’t save you the last time (disciples again)
Be willing to sleep with lions after being in vision with angels (Daniel)
Be able to pray to God when prayer will get you killed (Daniel again)

Think, walk, talk and look like God (Adam … You can… Today. Grace is restoration. Receive it by faith or give up on this Christianity thing! … The hardest teaching.).

Be intuitively intimate with God to the point where you complete God’s sentences before He finishes when you have conversation and such that you can speak for Him when He hasn’t even said anything (Eve – hath not God said… Thou shalt not even touch).

Be UN-able to pay the price and bear it! When you’ve got that level, that deepness of intimacy, and you go and break His heart, and let God down. Just want to die. But when He shows you grace, be renewed in your spirit (David, Adam, Eve,Cain)

Be a child and childlike in your faith in God (Jesus 🙂   )
Be dangerously in love with God (Jesus His Son).
Be willing to give it all up and then as a reward be abandoned by God when you need Him most but refuse to stop trusting, believing and depending on God(Jesus)

Fall in love Adrian.
Fall in love.


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