Truth – Samurai style pt 2

Like honestly ppl of God, children of the Most High creator….

How does this sentence make you feel

“ it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose”

Right now, the entire Trinity (John 14-16) is in you doing stuff. Working stuff out.

Like, how does that make you feel?!
What goes through you’re mind when you don’t just intellectually understand that sentence but what goes on in your heart and mind when start to believe it even a little?

Can you see where 2 Cor 3:182 Cor 3:18
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comes from.

For we, with unveiled face, by beholding Him, as in a mirror, are being changed, from glory to glory.

Right now God is in you. The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit (read John 14 to 16). Remember you can’t hide anything from God. He’s in there examining it ALL. Why?…for it is God who works in you to will and to act.

Do you know tomorrow you might wake up different. Do you want change in your life? Why have you given up hope? Why still cling to dead sins? Why do I fail to keep His word? Why don’t I measure up? Why can’t I please God? Why can’t I get Christianity right? Will I make it? Can my marriage be saved? Will my children succeed? Will my relationships work out? Will my business prosper?

The answers to all our questions are staring us in the face. Let God in, let Him work out stuff deep inside you’re gut. Let Him into to that shameful place. That dark dirty corner. Or even let Him take control of that place of happiness and joy. Give Him ownership of yourself. Body Mind and Spirit. Be a living sacrifice, for this is (and I quote) “your just and reasonable service” after all He’s done and is still doing in you right now as you read this. Do you want to experience the Holy Spirit powerfully? Well then stop holding God back! Stop being afraid to let Him see your bedsheets. Give Him your dirty laundry. And when He’s done with that, give Him your hearts desires, your dreams your wishes. Take even all the good stuff. Put it ALL on the altar and let Him BURN it. Whats good will remain, whats bad He’ll get rid of. Stop being afraid of God. Be like a woman whose lover has said “I’ve got a surprise for you” and be nervous. Have butterflies. Be VERY afraid of you’re crazy husband who shocks you everytime with the tricks and surprises he comes up with that get you EVERY TIME. Be like a child who’s got parents that  they know they can depend on when you say to them can you help me and they go “wait here I’ll be back”. And you know in your heart, that you have no clue how they’re gonna sort this thing out but you know its SORTED!

Why have we given up hope? Do you really know God? Like really? Would I, Andrew, worry about my company or future if I knew really intimately sweetly deeply the MAJESTY that is the Most High? Would I fear, yes guys especially, fear relationships and commitment, if I knew the destiny of who a prince marries or loves in the guiding hands of His Father who is King, who knew you BOTH (you and your intended) before you even knew each other and ordained the paths you separately worked so that both of you would be perfect for each other in a marriage founded on getting you both into heaven! Jobs stress us. Material distracts us. Soap operas entertain us. The news depresses us. Magazines in pertol stations tempt us. Window shopping chains us. Debt enslaves us.

Would you, if you knew that God has the PRO-VISION because He has PRE-VISION ever think of yourself as an illegitimate or unwanted child? I mean comeON when angels look at you, and the fallen ones included, they see the image of God. In fact, demons have the riskiest business in this spiritual life we live. Because since you are made in His image (body mind and spirit – Genesis 1), because you are His child even in this sinful state, they never know just how far not to push you. Because they could push you too far and you could EXPLODE into faith just like THAT! Snap! And suddenly is “get thee behind me”. Imagine demons being so afraid of you that when they confess it they put your name and God’s name in same sentence “Jesus I know, and Paul I know,….but who are you people?”. Imagine demons talking about your faith to other people!

Guys guys guys. Really . This thing we called Christianity we’re just scratching the shallowest surface. But God is working in us. WE are the last generation people. God is coming back for us YESTERDAY. What you don’t think so? Why is even Zuma turning evangelical. Why did the US elect a black man liberal when the Christians have not only his ear but one of the strongest lobby groups in the politics. Why are there more and more earthqukaes and storms happening all around the earth than ever before in recorded history. You know what Jesus said about that? He said the earth and the animals in anticipation will begin to feel my Spirit moving with urgency all over the earth and they’ll groan deeply and behave strangly. Jesus called it “birthpangs”. Now if a planet of rock and stone can get excited about what God is doing on it, to the point where it responds physically with changing environmental conditions, how much more you and me? Huh? Remember what He said outside Jerusalem, “if they do not praise Me then the stones will get up and praise Me”.

Cause be frank you don’t really believe that that picture you just came up with is INSIDE you doing stuff. Paying customized individualized AMG-ized attention to each and every one of us and our situations. We hold Him back. Ephesians 1:3Ephesians 1:3
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. Why is what God has already done seem to always be different from where we are? Why is sanctification a lifetime exercise. Its mean Lord standing in the need of humility. Lord that I would learn quickly! And glorify you faster. Help me be a quick study. I want to be a star student. When the angels report on my life Father, let my report make Your eyebrows go up? Father I want you to pass my report to Jesus and discuss with Him how marvelously He has transformed my life. Father I want You to be constantly proud of Him in a special way when you observe all the hard work Your Son has put into me. I want to make Jesus look good so He can make You look good. Holy Spirit lets be close. Lets be so close that you even start telling me about stuff that’s not in the Bible. Holy Spirit ask me to do the crazy stuff. The insane stuff. I pray for all the youth. That we can be MAD. Don’t struggle in heaven to find disciples warriors of prayer, look down here at us. We’re here! Our hands our up. Pick us pick us! Please Holy Spirit.Amen!

Righteousness by faith is the key to anything in your walk. Jesus has done it. So now its yours. TAKE IT. ITS FOR MAHALA!

All I’m saying is this, think of the biggest most powerful most awesome and sometimes even frightening in the intensity of it, think of the strongest quickest fastest smartest most eloquent most beautiful most loving wisest picture of God you can come up with. Then triple it cause they all in there. THEN TAKE THAT IMAGE and imagine God like a light shining out of the darkness coming to your heart everyday READY to change your life. Why doesn’t it happen? It could happen now if you pray after you read this email. Just be honest with who you are and where you are. Then ACCEPT where God has ALREADY taken you. SHIN-JITSU that thing

SHIN [ core wick heart marrow] – bring the core the marrow deep parts that you try and hide even from God le alone your loved ones. Then bring also the stuff about you, that you think is good.

JITSU [ truth reality sincerity fidelity kindness ] – and with fear and trembling. With nervousness and butterflies. With hurt and tears. With shaking lips as you pray. With a sighing heart as you don’t what the answer will be. With your disappointment in Him for past let downs. And put it out all there. On the altar. The love the joy the hate the fear the anger the excitement the nice ideas that never took off, the burn out the stresses. Bring it all. Come as you are. Bring your worldliness and your social status ambitions. Bring your low self-esteem. Bring your unaswered questions

Don’t give up hope. Give all of you. Sacrifice even you’re deepest desires. Be brave. Push God’s limits! Yeah I said that. I mean it. Bring stuff He didn’t expect. Bring your career. Your long held close longings and wants. Bring it all.

Dare to pray. Dare to let Him have it all. And be ready for the realness to come.

Are you ready? Just admin you arent. See what I mean? Leave nothing out. Admit everything to God.

And remember the verse. One more time lets pray. A simple one to end

“Father, be God and be IN ME, work out in me whatever You want. I’m just standing here. Do whatever You. I love You. I trust You. I believe in You. In Jesus name…Amen”

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