Wounds that heal. Scars that renew

One day, I want to kneel down before Him. My precious saviour, at the gates of heaven before I even enter glory, then touch Him.
Before I see the great city, before I walk golden streets.

I imagine the Trinity themselves coming out and ushering us in. Yes, we’re that important. We are they’re Oscar, their grammy. Lost and redeemed humanity is their world cup trophy.

We are their long lost sons and daughters, kidnapped by an evil menace. And people a king does not let a herald or an usher! Meet His royal children at the gate He comes OUT! Down from any balcony. He forgets Himself and gets on His Horse (revelation) and dashes out to go sweep His child into His hands and the honour guard (angels) all dismount and immediately bow. The princesses get the hugs, the princes laugh out loud calling “Father!” and they also get down and run to their Lord and again BEAR HUGS!

So yes, humans will never be able to outdo God in any content of love ever, not even close. The only reason the Father doesn’t come for us at the end Himself as well as is because He wants His Boy to take all the glory. He wants people to see Michael, to see the WORD, that first GLORY that He had from the beginning. He wants the universe to be reminded the JESUS is Almighty. Its only this planet that has forgotten. Everybody else, Satan included, knows that. Of humans you can maybe say Adam and Eve know it. No one else.

So anyway, I want to kneel before Christ, and then touch the scars in His hands, with my own trembling. Then the wounds in His side. When He places my hands there especially that last one, I can end.

Because He went too far. Jesus loves too much. Who am I that He did that for me

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