More Jesus Scifi 2010 – Sandman

You know me and SciFi might as well keep 2010 true to form yeah?

Was watching a movie and there was trickling grains of sand. The scene was zoomed in so the special effects made the sand trickle so loud it sounded like someone was rolling stone bricks down a hill. But it was just grains of sand!

And then I remember the scripture about God hearing our prayers before we even speak….

And I thought to myself, in my human understanding,… Maybe God is capable of hearing thoughts. Maybe He can hear the dreams wants and wishes of your heart. Maybe He can hear the words in your groan like the Holy Spirit does. Maybe God’s hearing is so deep He can hear pain. When you’re so stressed or depressed and you can’t even pray all can do is weep, maybe God can actually hear the tears running down your cheeks. Hear them the way you and I hear oceans waves break on sandy beaches and sweep up in gusts of wind. So God hears. And in them are the deepest desires, the hardest hurts, or even the sweetest joys of your heart. In fact, because He is God, I imagine that God can hear me 10 , 20 … 50 years from now. Maybe He can hear my prayers in my mind ages before I even think of them.

Because He’s omnipotent. God can not only see the future, He can hear your mind and feel your heart in the future.

I thought it was a cool idea.

I hope its a cool idea and that God isn’t laughing at me. Even if He is it doesn’t matter. Imagine amusing an omnipotent being who’s heard and seen it all? What a score!

I look at myself sometimes and wonder at how its possible to be perfect. Wonder at how its possible to be good. Wholesomely holistically downright annoyingly good (yes I said annoyingly – happy clappy). And I look at Jesus. I read about His life. I hear His heart in the words He speaks in the gospels, and despite my shortcomings despite my sinful nature, I hope for tomorrow. That maybe, as promised I can be like Him. I long down in me. I wish really really hard like a kid at Christmas time wishes for their favourite present hoping it’ll be under the tree. I hear the promise He gave of those who hunger and thirst being filled. And my heart looks at the Man Jesus was and the man I am and wonders at the awe inspiring possibility that one day, the two shall not be so far apart. That one day, the one will embrace the Other. My hope is built on nothing less.

Movies like this, movies or anything that provokes my mind to search for God or chase God or investigate the glory of God or whatever words you chose to use to describe the action of taking small examples of life like growing grass that responded to the voice of God thousands of years ago and arose from nothingness…see these things that make the mind and imagination go WOW always make me stop and look at what I know about God and also go WOW DUDE!!!!! Jonathan gave me that one. We were standing outside church and he said to me, “Do you know that this grass we’re standing, this soil, heard the voice of God and grew and became and blossomed. It was there then. And we’re standing on it”.

And I know, some day soon, though for a time my enemy may exalt over me, his time is short and his joy is fleeting, for Jehovah is my Witness and my Fortress.

Yeah, God can hear everything.

My words, my whispers
My thoughts, my desires,
My hopes and my wishes (imagine a being able to hear hope)

Then the Holy Spirit in me throws in His two cents and says

And He can hear your faith
… And He can hear way down somewhere under all that stuff that you call flaws or carnal, God can hear a still small voice in you saying “I hope one day to be like You Father…I hope one day I can make You proud “

On that note, be blessed and increased for 2010. Much love

Oh..and one question, what can your God hear? And do? What greatness can He hear in you?

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