For today its a seven liner!

7 Lines that are separated not grammar or punctuation ok! 🙂

1   –   What/who do you have to live for that you feel is so important you could die for?

2   –   Are you chasing it, or is it on the backburner or have the nay-sayers finally gotten under your skin?

3   –    From the Life-giver, the Resurrector, the Walker-on-water, the Star-breather, the Hair-follicle-counter, the your BFF (best-friend forever) before you were even born…this is what He has to say bout you after all He did. (And He did it in the space of 3 half years…why are our dreams taking so long to come true?! There’s something wrong with this picture). John 14:12John 14:12
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[ The Answered Prayer ]   “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.

4   –   Don’t say we’ve got airplanes and astronauts. Only the inventors (discoverers) of those things can claim the lime light. The TV, the Net. Penicillin. But me and you need to do a SWOT on that verse versus ourselves. Are we doing what He did AND going beyond that? Why not? Do we have the right priorities? Do I care enough about my people let alone other people. Maybe there’s power in that. Coming from a Man who dedicated His life to making tomorrow better for you and me and the beggar on the street. Why are we different from Him?

5   –   I wanna believe Him, don’t you? And I’m willing to admit I struggle to believe that one line. I’m learning that admitting the struggle wins half the battle. Its serious for me.

6   –   Giving up and giving God makes the weak omnipotent. Lord merge my will to Yours, so I can experience You. I don’t want You to prove Yourself, I honestly just want You to show off Yourself in my life so I can know just HOW REAL AND HOW BIG You really are…and give me the patience, endurance and the wisdom to wait on it and be ready for it.

7    –  Lord…be blessed. Be increased. Father happy today because today Your children bless You. We want nothing. We just worship You. We honour You. For just even 5 seconds we put aside all of us and marvel at how glorious our star-breathing-star-naming-water-walking-storm-silencing-tear-wiping-God is. If we’re honest dear God, the deepest desire of our hearts is that we love You, we miss You and we wished we were just better at pleasing You. Putting a smile on Your face. What a wonder that would be to make God smile because of me! This is our prayer.

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