Just do it! – Just Nike communion

Why take communion this weekend if you’re joining us at Sabbath? What qualifies the taker?

I know it is written

Matthew 5:23-25Matthew 5:23-25
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 (New King James Version)
23 Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. 25 Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are on the way with him, lest your adversary deliver you to the judge, the judge hand you over to the officer, and you be thrown into prison.

My question is this, does this verse not say gift. Is not this applicable to when you are bringing something. Or lemme go old testament on you, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to come to the Day of Atonement to atone for your sins, and yet you’ve got beef or issues with someone in your life that you’re dealing with or resolving. Should God accept from you an offering or a sacrifice, symbolising His blood on the Cross given for your forgiveness when you can’t forgive or ask for forgiveness from your brother who is made in God’s image?

I don’t know. Maybe the Jesus I know is too soft or too forgiving. Maybe I look at communion as more of God coming to me with a gift rather than me coming to God with a  gift and me expecting or wanting something in return. I don’t know maybe because I know my sins, and because confessions burn in my bone marrow I feel special pity for people struggling with themselves. Maybe I relate to Paul’s phrase chief of sinners. Or maybe I just listen to too much Sade old school where she sings she’s paying for sins now that she hasn’t even committed yet. And pains me to see people let the trade of bread and the wine pass. Maybe I know too well what is means to lose something good and let it pass you by. Maybe I know too well the feeling of regret.

Do you know one day, the Gospel, the message of love of hope and of peace, that God intended for you to understand will sink and you’ll see communion as a chance for a miracle and a time for joy not sorrow. Imagine the day itself….do this in remembrance of me He said. After they ate together. These disciples used to dip their pieces of bread in the SAME BOWL WITH GOD! Imagine sharing God’s plate? If you’re in love, especially as a guy, don’t you complain when you’re partner eats from your plate even though they have food on their own? But at the same time, don’t you miss it when they’re with you and they don’t? Like something’s missing? Like it tastes different. Ok maybe I’m too much a romantic. But imagine that. The one Person you’re gonna fall in love with more deeply than anyone else in your eternal (if you’re saved) – existence. Imagine eating with that person?

Then imagine that person gets up. That star-breathing, DNA-weaving, angel-vocal-chord-shaping God. That voice-calling to deep dark nothingness and nothing hears and obeys while He’s standing on it , in time that isnt. That Alpha and Omega. That beginning and ending. That God. He knew you before your parents met. He knew you intimately in your mothers womb before you ever heard a sermon or saw a church cross. That God. Imagine lying on His chest while He eats. Imagine Him asking you to go pray with HIM! When He’s stressed. Imagine Him. The most intense embodiment of joy, the craziest collection of sympathy that He makes empathy and telepathy look like a poor imitation of how well He knows your pain, a true and faithful High Priest. Imagine that Being, that Healer, that Commander capable of speak and totally obliterating no anihilating everything in existence just by the quiet command of a spoken word and instead He uses it to call forth dead flesh four-days rotting back to life. Guys…dead ears can’t hear. The dead know nothing. But GOD! Is stronger than that last enemy called Death.

Maybe I just wanna be a kid and just do what I’m told sometimes. With that naïve lost-childhood-obedience.

Imagine this Entity. This Supernatural Omnipotent God who dances over sinners when they repent with twirling you see at Jewish weddings. Imagine Him saying “Remember and take communion”

I’ll give you two verses for context about what communion really is and what you should expect.

Luke 22:19Luke 22:19
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 (King James Version)
 19And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

John 14:26John 14:26
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 (King James Version)
 26But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

People. Saints who occassionally sin. Here’s the real deal.

Communion? Jesus is saying remember me. Jesus is also saying expect the Holy Spirit to come upon you. DON’T take communion as a ritual. Take it with HEAVENLY MAD EXPECTATION. STOP coming to this “apparently” awesome God as if you should walk away the same. I hope just one of you, reads this mail and walks away thinking, that even though you’re not where you are in life, just by sipping some grape juice and chewing some crackers, that God can change you’re life in seconds! I hope you go MAD literally with insance faith like that woman with the issue. It makes no sense to not even want to talk to God just touch His clothes! And then expect a miracle. People translate that as follows. Don’t even pray during communion just drink(touch) the bread and wine and EXPECT something. Especially if its been bothering you for years! EXPECT change. Sudden POWER to flow out of that little glass thingy by the Holy Spirit as that juice trickles down your throat. Expect to swallow divine intervention. When that bread hits your belly just wait breathless. Really. I’m serious. Just expect something. (As a side note, did you know a high priest’s hem has ornaments hanging from it that signify listening to God, being filled with joy and being fruitful…. I’ll do a devotional on that lady with an issue another day. But just take that piece. Hearing God, Joy, and fruitfulness. Practising jews who worshipped in the temple knew about these things. She didn’t reach for his sleeve or his pocket. His hem. She bent in worship reaching for joy and fruitfulness praying to just hear the voice og God in her life and heart after a DECADE of being ostracised and cast-out. You wanna tell me she was still spiritually ok and her prayerlife was just cool? She was desperate! Not for healing. But more for a touch from God and the intimacy of Him talking to her and her hearing again like she used to before depression and disease! – another day)

Maybe I’m too radical. Maybe I’m too hard on myself. Maybe I just need more Jesus. More Holy Spirit. Maybe this email is a prayer. A cry in the wilderness. Saying “Lord make straight your way into my(our) heart(s)!”.

I once gave someone a picture I had painted. Very special person. Giving it to them I was thinking, you know life is crazy. You don’t where you might end up. (Ok guess – no prize for winners). If we drift, maybe every once in a while, they could take this painting out, dust it off and remember with fond memories what was shared. Conversations loves hopes dreams. Basically the intimacy of very personal things shared between two people. I said it with mourning in my heart Yes I know guys maybe I’m revealing too much. Or maybe I’m daring to say maybe I sorta understand what God meant.

Maybe He was saying, when you take this communion. Remember My love for you. Remember how much I sacrificed. Remember I’d sacrifice it all over again a thousand times over. Take strength in that awesome thing I’ve done for you. Meditate on it. Keep it always in the back of your mind. Do this in remembrance of me …. And I hope you … Will miss ME. 🙂

Maybe I’m even daring to say, I feel little bit like that verse where God was saying that David is a man after His own heart. I’d like to believe I’m at least a little like David. I wouldn’t let the greatest love of my life go if I needed to leave, without leaving behind a token of some kind. A footprint. A reminder. A gift. A communion.

So you’re battling with stuff you did wrong the day before you’re supposed to take communion? Are we reading the same Bible? When do you need Jesus more?! When you’ve done wrong or when you’ve done right? Stop getting caught in this never ending circle of “oh I messed up…oh I don’t qualify” Will you EVER qualify for ANY gift God will EVER give you? Ever? Will you ever be clean they day before you get a blessing? Ever? Come guys I’m not shouting at you but I want someone somewhere somehow to understand this concept. You’re needy. You’re poor. You’re a beggar. When you come to God, you who were once far off have now been brought close. You who were once not a people are now a people. I’m not giving you carte blanche to go buck wild… 🙂 God forbid! (Romans 6:1-3Romans 6:1-3
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). I am saying keep coming boldly even when you don’t have any right to. Just keep coming. Keep knocking. Keep expecting.

Your sins don’t disqualify you from being royalty. Your faith does. Your actions your messups don’t negate your adoption your inheritance of that crown of glory (I’ll say again, a crown was never given to any but those related to the king. No angel wears a crown, but you will soon one day!).

Lastly lesson of the email. Maybe there are too many maybes in this email because its a prayer as one of my friends reminded me yesterday. Or even further, maybe, the Holy Spirit is doing something in us all both me the author and you the reader and so its a courting that’s happening. Not a “thou shalt” but more a “come let us reason”. Has the Spirit of God ever done with you? Wooed you. Convinced you. Swayed you. With lovingkindness when was the last time God has drawn thee?! Am I reading a different bible?! Lol.  See if WE DON’T QUALIFY …. Here’s another kicker not just about you taking communion cause you’ll never qualify, it qualifies you. Here’s something to make you’re gut wrench and your heart skip a beat.

When was the last time you loved or showed someone love DEEPLY even when they didn’t qualify?!

When was the last time you LET someone LOVE you deeply even when YOU don’t qualify?! If you can’t do that with humans in your life, you tryin to tell me you can do that with God? Its a foreign concept to you. Its too uncomfortable too hectic too intense too crazy. It bothers you. When someone loves you hardcore and you believe your convinced you don’t qualify. Lol! When will you experience Godly joy and happiness then….?! Maybe some of us have never experienced intimate generosity. Strange. Maybe some of us never will.. Very sad. Imagine getting to heaven and experiencing a true sense of unmerited favour (grace) only for the first time and yet one of our favourite authors says that God has surrounded the very atmosphere of the earth with grace!

This mail is packed neh?

Guys….this has been a MAD-Shalom devotional… Until next time….

Shalom… Go and be blessed. Be increased. Be made whole and healthy. Be prospered. Be restored from the locusts He sent into your life. Be at peace but most of all Be Safe in every way…


(I didn’t even edit that… I just had to get it out of me….I am burdened with love for you all, so if I make grammatical and or spelling mistakes, be still merciful me-toward )

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