The test of a prince(ss)

. . . be resolved that duty is heavier than a mountain, while death is lighter than a feather.”—First Precept of the Imperial Rescript to Japanese Soldiers and Sailors – Ji’e’toh – the Way of life or the Way

In the test of a favorite pupil a crown prince, the king tests the character, and teacher the student. Am I making sense. If He had stayed with us in the meantime before the end of days came, we would never have left His side. Once after teaching that He was true drink and the real flesh of which one must drink and eat in order to obtain everlasting life many of His followers left. He, Jesus, could see the confusion and frustration on Peter’s face and others at the meaning of the teaching. So He asked Peter “Simon Peter, will you too leave?” in this just like later on, on the beach after His resurrection, He was testing Peter. Peter had it rough. He was always being grilled and being put on the spot. Why? Of all the disciples Jesus saw in him a paramount leader. A rare rallier of men. See men of equal or similar capabilities rarely follow anyone and prefer to lead. It takes an exceptional leader, a “man’s man” so to speak to rally men of talent and men of stature to put aside their own ambitions and pride and follow another man. Jesus saw in Peter the ability to inspire in others, especially men, the heavy-hitters like John James and Paul, Jesus saw in Him a king like David able to rally others around him. So Jesus put Him through the fire. And Peter understood this only in retrospect, because it is in Peter’s later letters in the new testament that he writes of God two things: the Lord chastens those He loves and that God looks at our faith as precious like gold and often tests it with fire.

Being humbled and being tested. These things are a privilege.

Falling AFTER God warns you that you’re going to fall and that you’ll help people when you get up. That’s a privilege.

Here’s a crazy prayer. If we are gonna fall. If we are gonna backslide (God forbid) but if we are, at least, lets be close enough to God so that when the devil comes to sift us like wheat Jesus can say to me and you “But I prayed for you”.

Did you know as the High Priest, that that’s Jesus’ job. To intercede. That right now there are two types of people. One..falling with no safety net, and the other falling INTO a safety net. Scary but amazing. The God would bother to forewarn. And here’s the other, either… You’re being tested, moulded shaped and put through fire cause of the bad choices you’re making OR sometimes simply because you’re in the line of duty. A war-front soldier. Ducking this or that bullet. Learning how to survive how to stand by His Spirit not by might. I’m not Peter. But I know some of you reading this email are. I’m not a David, wish I was, but I know some of you reading this email are. My God and I know where I stand. But some of you, like God said to David, have clean hands.

Some of you reading this thing, could be the one to change entire countries for the better. Through you some of you, are like cells for storing energy and the Holy Spirit is just storing Himself up in you waiting for you to be fully charged before He unleashes on the world for good.

Some of you. Reading this email are just like Peter.

Sometimes you don’t get God. Sometimes He makes no sense. Sometimes God freaks you out and tells you about bad stuff coming in advance before it happens and leaves you wondering. Some of you, have even denied the power of God from the deepest pit of your despair. Some of you have given up on God completely. But here’s the thing.

Because the HolySpirit is multi-lingual. Because He is speaks Andrewese, and you-ese and him-ona and her-ele, the HolySpirit (Hebrews 4) can cut through all the nonsense of our (sometimes selfish) self-doubts and depression and other background noise. He can cut through all that like a sword cuts through flesh and bone and get to your core core core.

Do you know what God, what the Holy Spirit hears way down inside the voice of your heart. Despite everything you been through, put yourself through and still probably gonna go through…here’s the answer God hear’s when He calls out your name

“….but I can’t go Lord, where else will I go Lord?, You have the words of Life!”

God knows your heart. He knows how much you know you need Him.

He knows

He knows how much you sooooo love Him even when you’re tired of Him.

He knows how much you push through the crowding noise of life’s stresses just to touch the hem of His garment. He made sure He took the long way round through the city (go read the story again) because He knew somewhere along the way you and me, would reach through people’s feet to touch Him.

Father…help us make You stop in Your divine tracks, with all the universe watching. Help us make the supernatural happen. Help us make You look up and say…who touched Me? I felt power go out of me….when out hearts cry out to You. And Lord Jesus, even when we don’t say a word but inside is a storm of turmoil hanging on or a raging inferno of last ditch faithful hope…even if we can’t pray cause whats inside is just all over the place and we get lost in our selves. Lord…when You feel that power today going out of You, and just halt all of heaven…look down here. Its us praying. Hoping against hope. We’re waiting for You Holy Spirit. Amen

Shalom on you all

Choose ye this day whom you will serve, as for me God is stronger than my humanity. Its the only hope I have

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