Last week I had the privilege to share a message on the Lord’s prayer at VoH (Voice of Hope church – Johannesburg South Africa).

As is usually the case, I mull things over before and after. And I wanted to share the below.

Before Jesus died on the Cross, He’s referred to as the only Begotten . Then He dies…and is resurrected and then theres a transition.

Before we get to the transition after the resurrection. Look at the phrase only begotten in greek.

There are two words in the Greek:  monogamy and monogamytos.  This last means “to produce.”  Butmonogamy means somebody very special.  So God says, “This is my beloved monogamy.” That is before the cross.

After the cross, Jesus is never called “the Only Begotten”; He is called the “first begotten” The first monogamytos.

Notice the root word is still monogamy.  First born of many brethren. The First Production. First born of many monogamytos.

So we are God’s Grace-monogamy – but this time He has many. So why not polygamy? Why isn’t He married many times over to us all?


  1. We are all, the entire human race (Rom 5 and 1 Cor 15) hidden inside this one Man – Christ. Only in Him are the God’s only Bride
  2. So…also we’re the only race, the human race, the only people, married to God by blood.


We, forever remain the only special race in all creation who live because of God’s shed blood.

We’re the only products of Grace in the universe. No one else is a product of Grace. Everyone else benefits…but we are born of it. We’ve known no life without it. We live by it. We exist because. In fact, even before Adam sinned, not only was it prepared for us…the Lamb but we were made “with” it in mind.

Grace was is and will be our destiny.

So whenever you’re down. Whenever you’ve messed up. Whenever you’ve got doubts about if you’re important to God..know this….

You are one of His monogamies….and together we are all, His monogamytos. His special children.


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