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Please note the below is shared with permission.
Thought it was an awesome conversation and wanted to share :-). Please note only special VIP MAD people are allowed to call me Drew. Thanks in advance…
The girl in question’s full BBM name is”  ː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́Sam SO=) -̶̯͡♥̸̨_-̶̯͡♥̸̨ː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́! Happy as can be cos Christ loves me!:)  “
… for the purposes of this dialogue i shorted it just Sam. I love her enthusiams and all, but i fyou read that 50 times, you might either pull out your hair and jump through your office window…or you might actually believe it and be translated LMHO. Either way…i’m putting a Holy SPirit disclaimer….anything that happens to you spiritually while you read this devotional is does not necessarily glorify me, but the views expressed and the spiritual challenge and growth you may enjoy, well all glory and praise and honour and majesty belong to God. (Its ok to say Hallelujah right now whereever you are. Jesus wont mind). In Christ’s name i pray for you, Amen.

Sam: Hey Drew quick question. How did you make your life fit into the Big picture? (The great commission)
Sam:  U can reply me anytime u not too busy. Its not a pressing question.
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Prayer
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Trial n error
Andrew.MADman.Adar: By that I mean work for God inline with ur gifting. Then He’ll give you a vision of WHAT specifically He wants you to plugin to. Remember God is in the business of giving dreams and visions
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Its great that you work in the library but I think you aren’t doing yourself justice. You hv a love for reading I think you should be promoting books you’ve been reading within the church esp youth
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Promote AJ
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Dvds
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Share what inspires you
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Do more than just consume
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Teach!
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Preach also! I see that in you

Sam: 🙂 Morning Drew! Taking it all in. Its time for me to stop being just a pew filler. Even if I’m just helping organise lunch I don’t mind I gotta do SOMETHING.
Andrew.MADman.Adar: But mostly before any of that set yourself a 30day goal of prayer where everday you say 1 line everday to God in addition to whatever it is else you pray about “Holy Spirit, I’m here and my heart is open, send me”
Sam: God has done the unquantifiable (is that a word?!) I really wanna do anything for Him.
Andrew.MADman.Adar: And while He talks then work!
Andrew.MADman.Adar: I’ve already given you 2 suggestions. Books/promotions and teaching/preaching. Now gimme ur thoughts. What do you think?! 🙂

Sam: Books n dvds I can do. So many things I’ve read and watched it will be fun. Teaching I also enjoy when I do get a chance to do it people seem to respond positively. But preaching is wat I’m afraid of! I’m naturally a 1 on 1 person so speaking like that is not where I’m most comfortable.

Sam: Remember when we were in Parys we did some test to see the evangelical style we r most suited? I fell into Service n the intellectual 1 but I ran to service because it felt “easier”

Andrew.MADman.Adar: That’s another point….
Andrew.MADman.Adar: The scarier it is
Andrew.MADman.Adar: The more on track you are 😀
Sam:   :'( what if I make a mistake?
Sam: I know. Its actually exciting to ask God to use me. Imagining the possibilities.
Andrew.MADman.Adar: God wud rather more ppl were WILLING and making mistakes than too afraid to try. Too too many o’ thoz
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Lok at the discples. 3yrs with Christs. What was the one thing they did most?
Andrew.MADman.Adar: ….Wait for it!?….
Andrew.MADman.Adar: …….. Mistakes
Andrew.MADman.Adar: “Show us the Father”
Andrew.MADman.Adar: “Lord if it is You tell me to come to You on the water”
Andrew.MADman.Adar: “Lord we tried to cast out the demon in this child but failed! Why?….this one needs much prayer and fasting”
Andrew.MADman.Adar: “Lord tell her to go away she’s making noise”
Andrew.MADman.Adar: …Need I say more?
Andrew.MADman.Adar: ….Then there’s mistakes they made AFTER He resurrected

Sam: : So even if I’m scared do it anyway?
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Especially then
Andrew.MADman.Adar: We’re human, most of the things we do in our comfort zones we do in our own strength anyway. What kind of offering is that?
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Its the bare minimum and its not really most pleasing to God. He’ll take it cause He has to, cause its better than nothing. But….
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Sacrifice, depending on Him for strength and inspiration, now thats when you know you’re doing something that puts you in His path. Where He has to work in you to make it work. Like a tap willing to be open, only then does that water come through. And its never ending. But if you turn off the tap, and plug the sink. The only water in that sink is what it can hold. Compare that to the ocean of water behind the tap on a dam. Which would you rather be. A sink or a tap on a dam. If you think of water as both the In-to-me-See with God and the power of God. Want a lil or alot?

Andrew.MADman.Adar: The day I stop being afraid before I preach teach or write I’ll stop it all.
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Courage isn’t the absence of fear, its being brave inspite of it
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Gideon
Andrew.MADman.Adar: David
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Ruth
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Saul
Andrew.MADman.Adar: Jesus
Andrew.MADman.Adar: ….:)
Andrew.MADman.Adar: I’m gonna leave you in the Holy Spirit’s hands now 🙂
Andrew.MADman.Adar: … Do you mind if I share this chat on my blogg
Sam: Nope I don’t mind 1 bit. And thank you Drew. I appreciate it a lot.
Andrew.MADman.Adar: :D. No…Thanks to you for being so brave!!! I’m praying you do something crazy!

…shalom to you all. Thats it folks


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Much much love.

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