Elijah…The (real) Flash

Central_City_The_Flash_TV_SeriesAlotta times I believe we escape into fantasy and science fiction for all kinds of reasons. Some people enjoy these genres more than documentaries or biographies because they give us the chance to escape the boredom or hard times in our lives. We leave. We go away. For free and for as long as we want as many times we want at any time we want. On the other hand, sometimes people like comic books and comic book hero stories on the big screen or flipping pages in their hands because thy want to be wowed. Amazed. They want to be excited and awed by what seems like the impossible made possible.

So here’s a really cool story for either type of person. DC Comics has a superhero called The Flash. A man called Barry Allen, becomes exposed to strange energy, after an accident during an experiment. This experiment turns him into the fastest being on earth. Dude can run so fast that when he stops, he comes out yesterday!!!!!!!! I’m not kidding. If you dont read comics or watch superhero movies thats what the story is about. This hero uses his speed to save lives and make a difference in the world he lives in. Stopping criminals, saving people from accidents and lots of situations where its life or death. And like any typical or classical superhero story…in the end he always wins. Good triumphs 1878705-dc_comics_character_imageover evil. He meets other superheros along the way who sometimes help overcome and beat supervillains who have other powers but use them for evil. Sometimes these other superheros also offer him advice, sometimes they meet a supervillain so powerful that they need each other to win the fight.


Now you’re asking yourself umm…how does this have ANYTHING to do with the Bible and the story of Elijah.

Well alotta times, especially as young people, Bible stories and Bible studies can be boring, taught in a really dry un-inspired way. Everyone wants to be wowed, amazed, excited! Everybody, especially young people, love a good story. They want to be lost in it, be consumed by it, BECOME it. Young people (and everybody else but especially them) imagine themselves as a character in the story. They imagine themselves as the hero. Winning the fight. BAM! POW! WOOSH! Remember those sounds we used to make when were like 5 or 6 years old? Now its crazy to walk around when you’re older making wooshing sounds…but what happened to the belief, the faith, the imagination.


Here’s your chance for a miracle. There are 3 things wrong with how we read the Bible. And these 3 things stop us from growing and experiencing miracles in our lives.

1) Believing the Bible is a true story from cover to cover through and through. Believe its true!

2) Using our imagination whenever we read it as best as you can and put yourself in the story- and remember, the best imaginers dont even come close to fully imagining what really happened! Be there in the story!

3) Wanting what happens in the Bible to happen to us. God loves us all the same. If He could do it for someone then, why not me now? Expect a miracle!

Ok so now the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 18. Here’s the background really quick. Israel had an evil king, Ahab, who was ruling the kingdom through misleading the people religiously, taking whatever he wanted. His queen, Jezebel, was worse than he was. She was more feared and more powerful. Till today, if you’re really mean, sometimes people might call you a Jezebel, the same way if your cynic people might call you a doubting Thomas. So story goes, to show them God’s power Elijah said it wasnt gonna rain in Israel until the country changed and the king and queen changed their ways. And no matter what the king and queen did, no matter what ceremonies, no matter what priests and sorcerers they got in to try and counteract what Elijah had said it didnt work. Because the Spirit of God is the one who spoke through Elijah, thats just how it was gonna be. What God says is true through his prophets is just how its gonna play out.

Its a long story but the crazy part I wanna focus on is vs 45-46. Elijah says King Ahab, when the rain was about to come back…”Prepare you chariots!” and “Go back to the city”. He tells the king to go before the rains come or he wouldnt be able to ride through the rain. Elijah knew it was gonna pour and come down like cats and dogs. Then the strangest thing happens check it out

1 Kings 18:45-461 Kings 18:45-46
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45 Now it happened in the meantime that the sky became black with clouds and wind, and there was a heavy rain. So Ahab rode away and went to Jezreel.46 Then the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah; and he girded up his loins and ran ahead of Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.












Here are some cool facts about the average speed of really fast horses. They can get up to 88ks an hour. Lets be conservative and say 70ks an hour. Being a king lets say Ahab had the best horses in Israel. Really fast Arabians or thoroughbreds. And remember its a chariot. So lets again be conservative and say he had at least 2.

The distance between Mount Carmel and Jezreel was about 24 kms or 17 miles. Thats just a few kms/miles short of a marathon. Keep that in mind. Not a sprint. Marathon.

Here’s a couple crazy things I really want you to imagine and then believe and then receive today

1) Ahab had a headstart with his chariot and horses

2) the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah…translation Elijah got superpowers

3) Elijah girded up his loins … translation Elijah up his pants by his thighs so he could run without his clothes holding him down

4) It was NOT a short distance.

5) Elijah got there first. (an old man by then. Can you see him flying over the ground, his cloak streaming behind him! His beard and white hair flying behind as he runs as fast as the wind, faster than horses!)



Point 1: Sometimes in life, it might seem like everything is falling apart or that your late or everyone is leaving you behind. Its ok. The hand of God is going to come upon you. Wait for it! WAIT FOR IT!…

Point 2: God could have said to Elijah go back into the caves and go to Jezreel tomorrow when there’s no rain. Let King Ahab go alone! Nope. God …listen…God ALWAYS wants to show His glory through us. Life isnt easy because when the glory comes, everyone around has to see how awesome it is and believe in God because of God showing off through us. Imagine that. God is all powerful but wants to show off through you!!!

Point 3: Imagine that conversation. “Elijah…pull your pants off. Kick off your shoes. Here I come. I gonna touch you and youre going to RUN”. Before we get our miracle. God tells us to do some crazy things sometimes. Alotta times they wont make sense. Dont stress about that. Just do it.

Point 4: God can do quick fixes, but sometimes God does long distance. But you wont run out of breath, you will make it through. Cause His hand is on you. His superpowers dont run out 🙂

Point 5: God could have given Elijah stamina to run behind the King. Just enough to get there! God could have given Elijah the speed to catch up to Ahab. God could have given Elijah the speed to just keep up with Ahab. But God made a choice. Like He always does when we’re faithful. He gives more than we need. Ahab not only caught up, not only passed King Ahab and his fast horses, Elijah got there first. When God comes through for you, and works His miracle for you, you’ll come out waaaay ahead. Ahead of all the things you thought you’d missed. Ahead of all the things you thought you’d lost. Ahead of all the things you thought had left you behind.

You’re Christian…you just have to be crazy enough to believe that God loves you. Thats the miracle.

What are you racing against today in your life? What are you trying to catch up to today in your life? What storms are you trying to outrun.

Hebrews 11:6Hebrews 11:6
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But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Just like Elijah…God could make you The (real) Flash. What are you waiting for!?! Believe that He is. The more you believe God is God, the more space He has to shine through you. Give Him that space today…gird your loins. Let your imagination run wild and believe that God can do the impossible for you and through you.






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