Truth – Samurai style

Shining as Stars
 12Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 13for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.

NIN-jitsu (ninpo) [ a fighting style that uses strategy and unconventional tactics and concealment to defeat an enemy

JIU-jitsu [a fighting style which uses the manipulating of joints and pressure points to subdue an opponent]

SHIN-jitsu [ truth reality honesty faithfulness ]

SHIN [ core wick heart marrow]

JITSU [ truth reality sincerity fidelity kindness ]

(yeah after the first two I bet you were expecting this to be some sort of martials thing yeah?)

Why use martial arts terms before getting SHIN and JITSU? Well I want you to think of the first two as fighting. And the last two as a state of mind. The first two, when it involves fighting its ALL OUT. Martial arts was meant to be a way of way. The true disciple dedicated themselves to the point of risking their lives just to further their understanding their knowledge and their abilities. Sometimes to their detriment yes, but its not like in the movies where these guys go around picking fights. Its more a search for skill. Only jealousy or criminals would engage in un-provoked fights. It was dishonourable in the extreme to engage in senseless fighting. Only hooligans did that. But the point is though that even in just the practice sessions could turn life-threatening the longer and more indepth the study.

See to a Japanese person, the “art-form” is life. The classical oriental mind. Lemme give you an example. There is a traditional sandalwood comb the the japanese used to produce in the Edo era. Sandal wood is fragrant and it also absorbs oils very nicely. Its a very good wood. It would take the comb make 10 YEARS just to AGE the wood to give it the right consistency. This is before carving or varnishing or any work on it AT ALL. Are you getting my point? Back to martial arts. The traditional japanese sword maker (and their dying out) even today in modern day Japan is held in extremely high regard. You wanna know how in the movies someone drops a scarf on a samurai sword and it cuts in half. Japanese sword makers would put the metal into the fire. And when it was orange-hot. Just on the point of melting, they would beat out and shape the sword. Making sure that one side is going to end up being the edge. They would apply a certain style of beating the sword that would align ALL the grains in the metal in one direction. Yes metal has grains. That’s why we have magnets. Yeah God is tight. He put grains in metal just like in wood. Makes you think. Remember that. Grains.  That’s what the japanese swordmaker does. He puts that thing in the fire. Pulls it out when its orange and beats that thing IN ONE DIRECTION. Puts it back. FOLDS IT BACK UP. Puts its back beats it out. By the time he’s done it has 1000 layers.

Heres the process in summary.
In the fire till orange.  Beat it out and shape it (unfold it )
Put it back in the fire till orange. Beat it back into a rolled up metal (folding it again)
Put it back in the fire till orange. Beat it our and shape it. (unfold it)
Guess how many times.
10 TIMES . I’m not playing. Google it.

I leave it to you to imagine how long it takes to complete a sword. Lets just say the Japanese sword of swords, the Dai-katana (long-sword) was never massed produced. Only a few people outside Japan actually own one. They cost millions of dollars EACH.

Can you see the ethic. The approach. The comb 10 years aging. The sword. Folding 10 times and unfolding 10 times.

Apply the same ethic when it comes to seeking the truth. The root word Jitsu as it is defined above is amazing. Truth reality sincerity fidelity. WOW all packed into one word.

No go back to Phillipians. Do you know that verse follows IMMEDIATELY after -”let this mind which was in Christ also be in you… Who being in very nature God, did not consider equality something to hang on to but

  1. made Himself NOTHING
  2. took n the nature of spiritual physical and mental slavery like humans (bond-servant means SLAVE…guys keep you’re other translations but read the king james too)
  3. made Himself HUMAN
  4. and AS A HUMAN humbled Himself
  5. obeyed His Father in all things by being dependent on His Father even for LIFE (righteousness by faith…yes Jesus had faith in His Father for everything…if Jesus needed faith to make what about you)
  6. obeyed even to the point of obeying the sentence of death by crucifixion FROM HIS FATHER (that’s why it says obeyed to the point of the cross. His Dad told Him to do it)
  7. and because of this His Father was so pleased happy overjoyed impressed, that He took the name of Jesus and gave more glory than any other name in all the universes planets and heaven
  8. so that one day everyone will agreed this man was God
  9. and when they remember that the Father and Jesus agreed on this before hand, they’ll turn back and give the Father all the glory.

Then the hectic verse we started with goes “THEREFORE” ….continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling….for it is God working in you.

So why with fear and trembling?

Imagine an omnipotent being doing something inside you? Imagine a love so deep, so wide, so hectic, so insanely self-sacrificing, so MADly brave, so willing to go beyond the extra mile, so intentionally faithful for htousands of years chasing after a people who don’t care arent bothered and even when they turn are are seriously sorry for their mistakes they’re not seriously committed to changing lol! Cause they cant change, they can only be RE-made. They can only be “crucified with Christ” or let go of yesterday totally and their shortcomings and look to God to start FRESH with them everyday.

Christians don’t want to be better they want to be different
Christians don’t believe in hard work, they believe in hard waiting
Christians don’t get harsh with themselves when they fail, they get harsh with their failure
Christians don’t suffer from guilt, they suffer from hunger of purity
Christians don’t want to to change, they thirst for God
Christians don’t want to loved, they LOVE and provoke love back (hey God already loved you, why do you still want to be loved, you should looking for who you can love not who can love you. You’re full you’re overflowing, you have excess, your cup runneth over)
Christians don’t pray, they worship God with words
Christians don’t sing, they adore God with their voice, they lift up their heads and open their mouths and even what comes out comes out quietly all that comes out it UTTER adoration
Christians don’t just want to be blessed, they bless God back!
Christians don’t want they need.
Christians don’t stop sinning, God stops their sins
Christians don’t understand the Bible, they sweet DMC with the Holy Spirit who speaks to them not just about the verse but the MOTIVATION for why He wanted that verse in their
Christians don’t get afraid of God, they just KNOW who He is and how BIG He is and how ALL Powerful He is and they fear Him
Christians don’t worry about salvation, they worry about what can I do for God just out of the outpouring gratitude in my heart, I wanna do something for Him!
Christians don’t not care, they lose sleep at night over their friends family and even people they’ve never met
Christians don’t hate other races, they see the image of God in all people even non-Christians
Christians don’t wish bad things on other people, they love people who hate them, abuse them, molest them, anger them, disappoint them
Christians don’t keep grudges, the forgive the most unforgiveable unspeakable things (Father, forgive them, they don’t know what their doing….even though I’ve done miracles the earth has never seen ever!)
Christians don’t just stand before God, they bow, in fact the lay flat on the ground because the strength went out of their legs
Christians don’t lie there, the get up smiling and like a son approaches his father, they        WALK     RIGHT    UP   TO    GOD.
Christians don’t leave God knocking at the door, they worship and walk right up to God in the spirit now so they can do it physically without shame one day
Christians don’t want their own things, they want God’s things for them
Christians don’t want freedom, they want to slaves to righteousness, they want to be chained by purity, they want to be UNABLE to lie, they want to STRUGGLE and FAIL to cheat
Christians don’t want accolades, they want to make God sound look and yes even “feel good”. Yess… They want to make Him feel good when He looks at them
Christians know that no matter what they DO He feels good about them

Can you see your life like that? Is that the kind of Christian you are?

See now Take you’re Christianity and fold it 10 times and get 1000s of layers of deepness and victory in your life. Age that thing for 10 years. Know who are you in God and SHINJITSU your faith. Work that thing out with fear and trembling as you read that list

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