I’d like to send out a warm welcome to the guys from Kays in Cape Town – big up. We had a fantastic time you guys hosted us so well. To the Umbilo crew – we’re glad to have you and you rock too :-). I’m a bit caught between where I enjoyed myself better lol! Cause both your youth […]

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Take God for granted

The sun rises every day. Its stuck in a cycle. Everyday it rises Every day it sets. You and never wake up one day worrying whether or not the sun will rise. Yet we believe in sparrow-fall-watching, lazarus resurrection, crown-of-thorns wearing, spear-pierced, skin-off-back-stripped whipped, sin-forgiving, eternal-price paying God Come on. If the sun is stuck in its daily cycle. How […]

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Practical gospel – discussion one – love – God doesn’t do radio edits or remixes or deep something versions

Unfortunately we all have a problem understanding God’s love Language vocabulary –  Problem. In tsotsital theres only one word for love. 🙂 Ok in english.  The only word for love is love. Most of us speak English. Some of us think in English and have to translate into other langauges when we switch. Though we may be fluent in multiple […]

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