Take God for granted

The sun rises every day.
Its stuck in a cycle. Everyday it rises
Every day it sets.
You and never wake up one day worrying whether or not the sun will rise.
Yet we believe in sparrow-fall-watching, lazarus resurrection, crown-of-thorns wearing, spear-pierced, skin-off-back-stripped whipped, sin-forgiving, eternal-price paying God

Come on. If the sun is stuck in its daily cycle. How much more should not the love of God be stuck in a daily cycle of kindness and compassion and mercy towards us all. There’s something wrong with us, when we can believe that spring will always follow winter and day night and yet for some reason, the idea enters our mind that God’s love runs out or can turn off or get switched off or that God suffers from schizophrenia or mood swings. If Paul can write that the love of God constrains him, how much more does Christ’s own mangnimonious love constrain Himself. Havent you heard the song with lyrics that say if the canvas was the sky and the all the oceans of the world ink, and we wrote on the canvas till all our pens were dry we wouldn’t even have scratched the surface of doing justice to describing the love and sacrifice of God. We cry when we watch movies like John Q or we have sadness filling our hearts when we read Romeo and Juliet’s story of tragic love…and yet somehow all of these things we take for granted seem to have more power or we believe in them more than the goodness of God.

That’s plain insanity for believers. I wish there were some drug I could take when it happens to me. Anti-faith-depressants. I wish there were doubt-tranquilisers I could take. I wish there were guilt-anti-psychotics that I could medicate myself with when the madness of doubting that a bleeding crying out Jesus who at His moment of pain that you and I caused had the audacity to cry out to His Father that God had turned His back on His Son. FOR OUR BENEFIT. We will never know the tears of a Father God who sat on the edge of His heavenly seat of omnipotence listening from billions of miles away the last heartbeats and last gasps of air from the very being who designed the universe. We will never know the un-imaginable pain the Father God went through the moment Christ died and He microscopically saw each individual cell in body of the architect of the universe each start to decay.

Do you honestly think God couldn’t smell the decay from heaven? I know for some that’s horrific. I know some of us have had to identify and bury the bodies of our loved ones. How do you think the Holy Spirit felt when the Father had to tell Him to leave His Son’s body? How would your heart feel if it was self aware, if your mind told it to leave your body? How would a mother feel if a father stood to the side and asked her to let the hand of her cliff hanging son go to fall to his certain death? How would you feel if you had to choose between saving your daughter or your sister or saving an entire planet. Is it even comparable? Are you kidding? Who amoung us could make that decision? To give up the one you love for billions of strangers you don’t know.

Being a human being, would you be willing to love like an amoeba or a fly so that animals could live. Would you condescend? Imagine all the abilities you’d have to give up. Thought. Speech. Dreams. All for humans who will mostly try and kill you or abuse you and never appreciate you until youre dead and gone. Yes, you, becoming an insect or a simple celled organism.

Now try thinking about what it was like for God to become human.

The sacrifice. The loss. The adjustment. The pressure to stick with the mission. Every moment battling your godhood. Every moment a single thought could re-write history. A single slip of the intellect could have re-made the earth. Just speaking raises people from the dead around you. Just walking into a synagogue causes demons who were previously quiet and content to inhabit the people, start going crazy and panicking! Jesus isnt even talking to you you start panicking. You just see Him and you’re like you wanna run! But you’re afraid to move cause a single look could destroy you so in your total panick you cry out asking “let me run away please!!!!” “Can I please escape” “We’ll go anywhere you want. I’ll go into those pigs!”

A God who has the POWER of life and death crying over a dead child? Talitha cumi? Come on!

That’s God.

If you’re Christian…then take God for granted. And I don’t mean don’t appreciate Him. I mean take it for granted, that the sun will rise tomorrow and that God will love you tomorrow.

Take it for granted that spring will follow winter and summer then fall. Take it for granted that God’s love for you cant run out and that He comes every time you call.

So you will say but Andrew the sun sets! So your sign isnt good enough. And I respond NO. The sun does not set. Its the earth that turns its face away! But the sun still burns brightly.

Right now you cant hear or understand or trust God. God isnt ignoring you. You have turned away. BUT, HOWEVER. NEVERTHELESS. Don’t worry, “fear not, for lo…” tomorrow you’re earth is making a rotation and your face will come to face God and you’ll find His love for you still burning brightly. “Weeping may endure for a night”.

Some others will still cling to eclipses! That if God’s love goes through blackouts. Darkness. Death destruction and famine. Trouble and crime and suffering. In the same way, the sun cant burn anymore brightly than it already is shining to make humans take better care of the earth. So God’s love cant be anymore stronger for you, in a world where freedom of choice has brought the reality you’re living in.

You need to choose.

  1. Either God is love or He isnt.
  2. You need to accept, this lifetime will never answer all your questions.

But you’re first choice colours influences determines focuses changes how you see things. Suffering is temporary and doesn’t compare to heaven. “sufferings of this world dung”. Very few people are able to do this. Yet all of us are capable.  Fill-able. Anoint-able. Inhabitable. Shape-able. Mould-able. Build-able.

PS – Do 1 year old babies or 4 year old kids go to sleep worrying about whether or not mommy and daddy will love them tomorrow? Strange…clearly we must think human parents love more harder more dependably than God when we grow up.

PPS – the earth doesn’t turn itself. When it was created it was set on a course its also stuck in. It has to turn tomorrow.

PPPS – the believer cant save themselves. When they were saved, they were set on a course they are also stuck in. You have to turn tomorrow. (Really? Read Romans 7 and 8 if you don’t come to the same conclusion, then you’re reading the New Confusional Version)

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The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying:“ Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love;  Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.

TAKE GOD FOR GRANTED. The right way. Be like a child. Assume God’s love and move on to some other struggle in your life please!


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